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  1. Game 3 & 4 should be some great hockey! I'm rooting for NYI.
  2. I just updated my hybrids from X-Hot to Maverick Max and am having trouble being consistent with them. The x-hot look more like a pro type hybrid then the Maverick Max do, having a more rounded sole then the max, and the max also has a squared toe to it. Also when I looked at a photo of your z x hybrids they looked like they were one or two degrees closed face. The sole also looks less rounded, or more flat, and may cause some head twisting upon contact depending on how much the lie angle favors your swing. I am actually thinking of trading my Maverick Max in for the pro type version. Maybe yo
  3. That's pretty much what my comment said, that he may not have said anything but purposely clopped by him, imo.
  4. Whether orally spoken or with loud spike stomps as he walked by, Bryson was trying to mess with Brooks.
  5. It's so easy to fix a ball mark it's silly. It's just laziness and lack of respect for other people's property that causes people not to repair them. I take pride in how I repair a ball mark, always trying to get it to a point where I can't tell there was a mark in the first place. Just fix the freaking things, it's easy!
  6. Many interesting points you have made, but I didn't say the post-world War II was the greatest time to live. Although it did breed a group of people that appreciated what they had because of the hard times they had endured. Today I think many people are spoiled and too far removed from hard times. Personally, I think we are ripe for a fall. It is strange, but hard times produce and appreciation for the few good things that you have, as opposed to having many things and being spoiled.
  7. Too many muscles that are diminishing his feel around the green. Btw, where has he been lately? I don't notice him on the leader board.
  8. Yes that is a very beautiful national anthem, and is nice to hear when I do hear it. The u.s. national anthem is likewise, and I know I don't have to form a Sentimental attachment to it, I choose to anyway. Most eople are so far removed from the 'greatest Generation' that ever lived, and many don't respect and appreciate the country they live in as they should.
  9. Personally, I don't think he has to win another major to be considered #3. It would be icing on the cake so to speak, but I don't think he needs it to be #3.
  10. I just listened to the National Anthem before the Colorado/Vegas game in Denver, and how a person couldn't enjoy that each and every time it is played before a sporting event is beyond me. Keep up the beautiful tradition!
  11. That's a good reason Phil should be considered as #3 because he has made hay during a great competitive era.
  12. Pick tonight's scores: Tampa @ Carolina (TB leads series 3-1) Vegas @ Colorado (series tied 2-2)
  13. I agree with this comment. It also makes the case that it's difficult to compare a golfer from one area to another. Ben Hogan was great in his era, but wouldn't be as great if he played in The Tiger Woods era or after it. That's why I think there should be chronological categories if one would want to be particularly accurate in one's assessment. It's always interesting and fun to want to know the the greatest of all time, but for the most part, it is a matter of opinion. I think Tiger and Jack are 1 and 2, but after that it's just opinion.
  14. imo, a cross check should 'never' be allowed, no matter what situation.
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