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  1. Thanks for the reply, I would like to read this study you are referring to. I am interested if they study is on tour players or amateur players as that would make a big difference. I fully agree that players should not use a driver on every hole and try different things out to see how it fits their game. I also agree that the fairway is overrated on most courses, but higher fairway percentages correlates to less penalty strokes and less danger. I am not against drivers. I am against the long shafts that are sold as the standard to players. If the average tour player who's job is golfing d
  2. Not picking on me and thank you for the reply. I still use my 5-iron often as I can get it out there around 215. Most of the time that leaves a 60-50 degree wedge shot which I can get on the green most of the time. Better strategy to do this rather than taking penalty strokes or get put in a bad position for those random shots in the woods. I have a 3H between the driver, but my 5 is much more consistent. Judging by your response, I believe you and I only differ opinions on golf strategy. Yes mid-handicappers can be consistent with a driver, but the risks of the 1 or 2 drives per r
  3. I practice putting more than any other aspect of golf and truly respect that aspect of the game. When practicing, I will often read a putt, have 5-8 balls already down, and practice that putt with all the balls before moving onto another section. What I find most effective is the clock drill between 3-5 feet. The majority of amateur golfers do not realize how many strokes they lose by missing short putts. I believe that most amateur courses have medium to slow greens so judging speed tends to be semi-easy if your goal is to get it within 4 feet of the hole. This is the reason why I spend about
  4. As the years progress and technological advancements become limited due to USGA regulations, companies are increasing the length of their drivers to increase distance. I was fit a few years by Golf Galaxy with a M5 with X-stiff 47" inch shaft. They increased the length as I am 6'8". For years I could never be truly consistent with it and often opted to use my 5Iron off the tee. After researching about the gear tour players use, I cut down my shaft to 43.75". What a MASSIVE difference. My fairway percentage has increased by 27% and I have confidence to shape my shots off the tee. Do you f
  5. We all have that certain club in the bag. The one we get all excited to hit. The one we have full confidence and trust in. What's your favorite club? Mine- Wilson forged C300 6 iron with stiff KBS tour shaft.
  6. Yea the entire course had the foam floating. Its been a wet week in Pittsburgh. It is a interesting conversation. How do you score a round when all the foam is floating? If we aren't counting shots outside the green, are all putts which hit the foam considered in? Are there any actual rules on this?
  7. Its impossible to do so as the ball could not fit in the hole Thanks amigo! That brings up another question then. Where do you draw the line scoring wise if the cup is physically impossible to get in?
  8. Playing a local course today. First hole 143 yard par 3. I struck a beautiful 9 iron shot and landed on the foam that is supposed to be in the hole. Unfortunately it rained very heavily making all the foam things float above the hole, making it impossible to actually get in it. Would this technically be my first hole in one?
  9. Thank you for the free education Iacas. People like you make great impacts on the golf community by giving us an expert analysis. Being so close together, maybe one day I can use your services for a club fitting. The book I was referring to was Phil Mickelson's Master of the short game. Tremendous read. As I mentioned in previous replies, I am not an expert. This is a putter which works for me and may not work for others. I encourage anyone who may see one in the golf shop to give it a few strokes.
  10. Thanks Boogie, I think I will read them. I appreciate it.
  11. I would have to respectfully disagree with you. I learned this from Phil's book which I believe he would be knowledgeable on this. It is simple physics. Most putters are toe balanced meaning their center of gravity is in front of the shaft axis. This naturally causes the face to open and close during the stroke. Most strokes open between 5-6 degrees and close at 5-6 degrees on a full stroke. Attempting to keep the face straight through the stroke would be fighting the laws of physics which creates inconsistencies. This can be easily demonstrated with the videos from the tool L.A.B. created tha
  12. I think you are talking about the putter I previously used. The new putter which I attached does not have the triple track lines. The benefits of the shaft being in the center is it reduces the amount of *arc* the club face makes. Makes it possible to bring the head straight back and straight forward. It takes away focusing on striking the ball when the club face is centered as the club face does not open and close as much since the center of gravity is more towards the center. It very well make the putter feel less stable. It may make the putter feel more stable. If you are considering
  13. (Wish I knew how to post pictures, attached link of club below) This winter I dedicated all my practices to short game. I read the book "Master of the short game" in which I learned about center shafted putters. I found this VERY strange looking club and decided to give it a test. Before I used a triple track double wide putter which I struggled mostly with the very short near gimme putts. Now with the shaft in the rear center, the weight pulls the club through the stroke more than a traditional putter. I see the most improvement on the 5ft and in shots. I can confidently say I am a reall
  14. I notice this on cheaper courses. I view it like the broken window theory. You have an abandoned crappy isolated house and a kid throws a rock and breaks a window. As time goes on, more kids will do it. Now you paint that house and fix it up, kids are less likely to throw a rock. Once one guy does it, more people will follow. Fix other people's marks.
  15. I am going to take your advice and choose the first option. Give him 10 strokes and bet $100 as long as we count our strokes and take penalty strokes. It is frustrating. We have been legit best friends since middle school. The amount of cheating every week would mess with anyone. Not only does he cheat on scorecards, he admitted to purposely saying things to our partners to mess with their rounds such as "your swing looks really weird today" or "Why are you standing so close to the ball". Just small things he knows will get in our heads. Like most of you, I just want to enjoy a round wit
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