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  1. My dad and I went out this past Tuesday. Now the course is closed on Monday for mowing and maintenance but I suppose the groundsmen could not make it out that day. All day I was forced to listen to tractors and mowers. I had mowers going around the greens on the par 3s I was hitting to, mowers going around when I was making my approach shots a few times, a tractor going by a tee box and then they started to put some foamy stuff down across the fairways during the middle of everybody's round. I swear the groundsmen matched our pace of play. I couldn't even hear the birds chirping 2/3 the time I was out there. Made it extremely difficult to concentrate. I enjoy being able to hear the sounds of nature on the course when I play. I like hearing the wind rustle through the trees and the flow of the streams. Its quite relaxing and helps me take my mind off trying too hard to make contact. He must have ended up calling the club because I have a message from the golf pro on my answering machine asking why we didn't enjoy ourselves and to see how it could be made better. I thought this was pretty cool but will have to see where it goes from here.
  2. jcorfive

    no glove?

    Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't. When it is on I will rarely take it off. I'll putt with it, pee with it, smoke with it, drink with it, whatever. Sometimes I'll take it off when a round starts to go really sideways (more than usual). Sometimes I'll take it off for the hell of it. Its nice to have a fresh glove on, but it doesn't seem to make a difference to me in how I hit the ball.
  3. I believe its because he was injured in some way (not exactly sure) but I throw up a little every time I watch Kenny Perry hit a ball.
  4. I don't think he'll win but I will be pulling for Furyk.
  5. Phil just might do that in gearing up for the open. I am glad to hear he's back to play in it. I hope he plays really well.
  6. I know I'm going to watch, but I have more of an 'eh' attitude. The US Open is the next week and it will be my first US Open that I can watch and appreciate. Before a year or two ago it was one of those things where I would catch highlights of it or give it an 'oh, ok its a pretty big golf tournament' if it happened to be on where I was. Now I just can't wait for it to come on. I tell my other friends about it and they think I've lost my mind. So I am excited for this tournament to be over and open week to start!
  7. While waiting to tee off my buddy and I will place our balls next to one of our tee markers. The object is to hit your ball off the other tee marker; hit the one you started next to and then hit your buddy's balls with yours. You alternate turns with an extra turn given if you hit one of the tee boxes. Its actually a simple little fun game that makes the waiting time go by quite quickly on the tee box. Jorruss: St. Andrews.
  8. Ha, I find an excuse every day I play. The other day it was because the 'tees were the wrong color'. Before its because I forgot my sand wedge or didn't have the proper sharpie marking on my ball. Definitely blame a lot of things on the wind or that I hit my shot in the bunker to get some sand practice. Anything to cover up the lack of my golfing skills.
  9. I don't plum bob because I don't really feel like it does anything for me. As said above if you move your head slightly off center it will throw your measurement off. What I have tried is the Villegas (I believe its him) spider-man method. I used it on a couple of 5-8 foot putts and man I felt like I had one of the best looks at the green yet. However, I also felt somewhat like an ass when I noticed other golfers staring at me while I was on the green; mostly because it does appear to slow down your rate of play to someone else far away, even though it doesn't really take that long.
  10. I am over on the east coast and for me it will be on the golf channel again at midnight tonight. thats golf channel, midnight, eastern time.
  11. Yep, if it ends up in the fairway I would count it as a fairway hit. Even if you shank it off the garbage can to the cart part and it rolls in the fairway its a fairway hit. And no, its not a putt if you putt it in from the fringe (nice going btw!) Yes cougar, it is only a GIR if you hit a par 4 in your second shot. Otherwise I believe it would fall under scrambling if you still manage to make par. Although I am sure if you wanted to have it scramble to save bogey until pars become more common there would be no problem as long as you make a note of it. Truly it is to save par though. (someone correct me if I am wrong)
  12. jcorfive


    Bill Murray, who doesn't love the guy in this movie?! My second favorite would be Ty Ty, what did you shoot today? Oh, Judge, I don't keep score. Then how do you measure yourself with other golfers? By height. You know, you should play with Dr. Beeper and myself. I mean, he's been club champion for three years running and I'm no slouch myself. Don't sell yourself short Judge, you're a tremendous slouch.
  13. Driver - 220 3 wood - 215 3 iron - 190-200 4 iron - 180-190 5 iron - 170-180 6 iron - 160-170 7 iron - 140-160 8 iron - 135-160 9 iron - 120-135 P wedge - x -135 On a good day I can hit every club 1000 yards. I just choose not to.
  14. jcorfive

    Lost Ball Rule

    A course that I enjoy playing near my town has marked all heavily wooded areas on the course as a lateral hazard. Its not hard to tell if your ball went in there either. It is either in the woods or in water or sand or the rough. Occasionally I hit one in the fairway.
  15. I'll always tee it up on the box. I'll use a broken tee no problem as long as it gets the ball where I want it.
  16. I played barefoot for a round one time. I brought my dad's golf shoes with me because I did not have any. However, they were about 2 sizes too small and about halfway down the first fairway I had to take them off because of the pain. I loved it. The grass felt wonderful under my feet, especially on the greens. Try walking barefoot on a sun warmed green once or twice. Its nice. The point about the random goose poop popping up is a good one to bring up, however. I didn't even think of that!
  17. I agree with those above. Storing them in the cold should do no harm. I use my father's clubs since I just started a few months ago. I store them the same way he stores them - in the shed. They stay in there all winter and until the snow is gone. Living in western NY they see some cold temperatures. They play just fine as far as I can tell and they are around 30 years old I am guessing. My balls are now a different story though. I remember going to play one last time during the first minor, minor snowfall this winter and I ended up cracking a ball in half! Gave me a great excuse for a high score though. Golf balls in the warm for me after that (and reading what others have to say about them)
  18. My dad helped get me started. He was an avid golfer able to shoot in the low 80s. I think he only broke 80 3 or 4 times ever though, even though he golfed for many, many years. I would sometime get dragged to the driving range with him and the course on occasion. However, I don't think I went more than 7-8 times to an actual course with him. I also was conned into going to see a Porter and Ryder cup along with some various other tournaments. Those could have been the only two, though. Its hard to remember. I do remember bringing a club and putter along so we could sneak on after the last guys passed whatever hole we were watching. That was pretty cool Unfortunately I didn't care for the sport a whole lot and wasn't that enthusiastic about it. Then, one day in July this past year I decided to grab his clubs and head out there. Fell in love instantly. Made me wish I could have appreciated what my dad was trying to get me into when I was younger. I went out pretty much every chance I could from July to the end of September and got to sneak in an unusual November outing when the weather was awesome. Now all I want to do is golf. And I'll tell ya, once I broke 100 for the first time every other time I didn't break it I was terribly disappointed. I did manage to break 90 once (89) which was wholly satisfying. Hopefully next summer I can see consistent sub-100 rounds.
  19. I second that. I was going to post, but it would just be a rehash of this. Its good for the game.
  20. I would have been thrilled to let you give those strokes back. Maybe he thought it was an insult to his game? He could have thought you were telling him (in a not so direct manner) that he wasn't good enough to have given you guys strokes, an ego issue. As far as getting him to come back to the game I would've simply told him the strokes would not be taken off and we will finish what we started. He would have been putting himself into a disadvantage but would still have his pride. If he still didn't want to play, I'd simply take the dinner offer off the table and finish out with three guys. A new betting game could've then been implemented in his absence if so desired as well.
  21. Swinging too hard. I can't get myself out of this habit. Even though the best shots I've had were those that I seemingly put no effort into whatsoever. The harder I try to hit the ball the worse the shot becomes. Let the club do the work my dad always tells me. You just guide it into place is what I add on to that statement. I just seem to want to hit the damn thing as hard as possible though. Then, of course, one bad shot leads to another to another to another to another...you get the idea.
  22. My dad used to be a decent, avid golfer (shot in the low 80s, high 70s) back in the day. I had the privledge of going out with him for the first time in 6-7 years. Mind you, he is now 65 and hadn't even swung a club in those past years. This being my first year (more like 3 months) of golf I was very happy to get on a course with him. We played at Sheridan (unsure of actual name), which has a 72/120 rating I believe. Well, my dad is now officially relegated to status of weekend hacker . I think he shot a 105 for the day. Whatever it was he beat me by one stroke . Anyways, this one hole we were playing I nailed a tee shot which left me with a right to left lie in some tall grass while he was on the other side of a small creek, also in some tall grass (opposite sides of the fairway). To the left of him is the fairway with trees straight away and to the right. If he hits a great shot dead straight and high he should land on the green. Up and to the extreme right is some sort of building surrounded by a chain link fence. The fence is definitely not in play. While I am practicing my strokes he takes his shot. I look up as I hear the contact and hear a noise. I am looking towards the green when I see a white object skip across the fairway and take a nosedive right into the creek. His shot hit the building and went right through the fence and into the creek. I don't think it could have been filmed any better. The high note was that I got the ball back from the creek.
  23. Wow, you really got a hold of that one! ...as my buddy hits the shot fat and the ball travels 15 yrds. Also; At least you're on the fairway/should have a good lie from there (when the ball is hit to the adjacent hole's fairway)
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