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  1. When I am swinging/playing well, I feel absolutely nothing starting my backswing. Occasionally during practice, such as when trying to fix a hook or a slice, I will feel with my hands and lower arms. Usually this feeling is about bringing my hands back on a better plane, whether that be a feeling of "reaching out" or "reaching back" or "reaching in".
  2. Now: 11.2 Prediction: 4.2 7 stroke improvement because I'll be playing 3x a week and practicing multiple times a week for the first time in my life. I've never lived in year-round golf weather before.
  3. I want Turbulators to help me drive it long with the PING G30 Driver! I predict that the Red (West Coast) Team will win the 2015 Newport Cup by a score of 28.5 to 25.5 . The MVP will be @mvmac with 9 points won.
  4. Should golf do away with greens? ...or cut down on them, in a huge way, both on exclusive courses and public courses? As a person who plays in a league that covers three public courses, I’ve come to realize that the biggest discrepancy between the courses the average golfer plays and the courses players on tour & affluent golfers play is the condition of the greens. It’s almost like two different sports. Fortunately my home course (which is semi- private, and old -hence, not a ton of monstrous greens) has very nice greens. But, my heart goes out to the guys beating it out of those unmowed, burnt, quarter-grass, quarter-sand, quarter-sunflower seeds, quarter-anthill disasters every day. My thoughts: • The tough economic downturn in golf has really taken its toll on greens. Courses on a tight budget will let the greens go first. If a green is overtaken by fungi or bugs sometimes it will be left in that condition indefinitely. A good sized green is over $40K to replace (so I’ve been told). •Recently, it seems every golf architect uses greens as their medium of expression. Course finances are paying the price for that extravagance. Look at some of the more classic designs from MacKenzie, Ross, etc. They didn’t design courses with the greens having any visual features. • The greens on tour are so perfect and the players so well versed in putting on them, its become the opposite of its original intention: a place to three-putt bogey. When tour players miss the greens they don't even give a shit because their putt to save par will actually roll the same ten out of ten times with the same stroke. . Let them play some of the public course greens, I’ve seen over the last few years, and the last thing they would hope for is their ball to land on the green without rolling into the hole. Just some food for thought from the grouchy three-putt-bogey king.
  5. Like you, I was struggling with putts under 10 feet. About a month ago I switch to cross-handed putting or left-hand-low or whatever you want to call it, and since then I've been putting much better. I still putt "normal" at longer distances (> 25 feet?) because I was always a decent lag putter. At the very least, it can be a short term solution to a mental problem...
  6. I want to boost my game with Adipower Boost First Choice: Jim Furyk -10 Second Choice: Martin Laird -10 Third Choice: George Coetzee -10
  7. What is the rationale behind that rule about provisionals?
  8. Maybe the reason Oosthuizen is as good as he is is because he has other passions. Not everyone can live a one-track life. Even if he practiced or played more he wouldn't necessarily be a better player.
  9. I was B-Fit for Bridgestone Tour B330 golf balls. 1st Choice: Kevin Kisner -13 2nd Choice: Byeong-Hun An -13 3rd Choice: Stephen Gallacher -13
  10. I wasn't aware that Tiger Woods has been designing golf courses. Maybe that is because I didn't pay much attention to professional golf for a half-decade... I very much agree with his design philosophy and wish links-style courses were more prevalent.
  11. When I call the pro shop, they don't charge me a fee for taking my reservation.
  12. When you consider buying 2 or 3 extra putters (and not just any putter, but the exact same one you have in your bag) to use in your office, living room, etc.
  13. Perhaps he should have sold it like-new on Amazon and made himself $15-$20.
  14. Today I spent about 15 minutes practising putting with a forward press start.
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