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  1. This s has nothing to do with Els’ interview, (I didn’t watch it), but I am not a fan of automatic qualification based on world rankings. The captains knows them and they will most likely follow suit to some degree, but there should be more leeway to assemble the best team. Having just 4 Captains picks doesn’t allow for enough. Reversing that would at least be an improvement... 4 automatic, 8 “captain’s” picks. If your captain can’t figure it out, you have the wrong captain. John
  2. The Europeans are probably more seasoned and better. They do have 6 of them in the top 15. There’s no one comparable to McIltoy or Rahm on the Internationals. But based on how their rookies played they have potential to improve. I can see an influx of excellent Asian players down the road that might turn the tide. John
  3. I must admit I really liked the way the International team was put together and how they approached the course. It is easy to root for them, but not at Tiger’s expense. in some ways I actually like watching Tiger 2.0 a little more than Tiger 1.0. You expected the old Tiger to dominate, To see what Tiger does to these young guns at his age, after all his physical issues, is just unbelievable. John
  4. Hey Ernie... guess it’s time to “shut up and move on.” John
  5. We won! Unbelievable. What a win for Tiger as player and captain. John
  6. Wow! We can’t lose it now. But let’s go win it for Tiger. John
  7. If we do win, I wonder if that will go down as handing Tiger locker room bulletin board material. John
  8. Well I apologize DJ and Gary. Great win! John
  9. I don’t know why DJ is out there. If we want to throw a match, Reed and DeChambeau would be a lot more fun. Send them out first. Nothing like a 6 hour round to slow down the Internationals. John
  10. I do admit that courses like these make the game very entertaining to watch. John
  11. Well he does have a way of alienated people. I imagine in a couple of years the only caddy he will be able to retain is the one Kucher used in Mexico a year ago. John
  12. Playing Reed/Simpson today has been the only mistake Tiger has made. If no one can play with Reed, maybe “Captain America” should have stayed in America. Even if he gets another singles win, it doesn’t offset losing 3 team matches. John
  13. Well now... great finish. Still not happy with Woodland out there. John
  14. Between the Ryder Cup and this, we really need to evaluate who can compete the foreign courses the best. Just because a player is top 8, doesn’t mean that player should automatically be selected. John
  15. This is so hard to watch. Looks like a bunch of locals taking all the money from visiting tourists. is it possible we don’t even make it to Sunday. John
  16. Americans can’t play these courses. Obviously the exception is Tiger who won his match (Thomas should have just caddied). I don’t think these Cup tournaments mean that much to the US or it’s fans. The selection process is not really made on who fits the links courses best. You don’t need the length when you need to hit short and bounce it onto the green. And we have no clue how to read and putt these greens. John
  17. While I think Phil should not be playing because of all the reasons stated. He is endorsing by his mere presence a government that has numerous instances of human rights violations. As an elder statesman, so to speak, and future a HOF member of the PGA his presence does provide validation to the tournament. But he could have handled it so much better to avoid some of the flack he is getting. He could have used the same turning 50 logic and that he doesn't expect to have an opportunity to play the tournament again, (whether a true statement of not). But the real response to put things into perspective would be to say... "Unlike the military weapons that have been sold to Saudi Arabia for decades, the products I use can't be used to kill Americans." I spent 30 years in the defense industry and it is pretty amazing what products are sold to foreign countries. The products are not the latest products, or upgraded version, and lack sensitive USG capability, but they none-the-less they represent some of the best that America has made. Unfortunately, allies can become enemies is short order. None of this is directed to a specific administration, party, or to be interpreted as political in nature. It has been done for years. What is the most amazing part of a Foreign Military Sale is that a branch of the service, say the Air Force, will negotiate a contract with a defense contractor using DOD acquisition regulations to the benefit of the foreign entity. I was never able to get my head around hearing an Air Force officer tell Americans working for an American company that his job was looking out for the interests of the country of (insert name of country). It was utterly mind boggling. So, while I agree Phil should not play, hitting a golf ball seems to pale in comparison. John
  18. I didn’t read all the posts, but here is an interesting quote from Phil... “Given that I turn 50 this year, there’s a good chance I’ve played my last Phoenix Open. We’ll see.” or in reading between the lines... I probably won’t have to hear the boos at 16 after I turned my back on the stupid fans who supported me for decades. John
  19. 70sSanO

    Best Shot in Golf

    I bet you’re a real joy around holidays. John
  20. 70sSanO

    Best Shot in Golf

    No offense, but if you’re laying 5 or 6, then none of the shots, (except the drive since hopefully it is your first stroke on the hole), will be the happiest for any reason. Maybe relieved, but not one you’re bragging about. The only real joy comes from scoring. Maybe I incorrectly assumed that the shots to and around the green would lead to an eagle, birdie or par. If it doesn’t, might as well be on the range. I remember chip-ins, and long putts for birdies. Can’t recall any for a triple. John
  21. 70sSanO

    Best Shot in Golf

    I’d rather take the long/mid iron. Even with a great drive, you can still miss the green and waste it, which feels worse. Years ago I hit my longest drive ever. I was in the middle of the fairway less than a hundred yards from the pin. I was so stoked. I ended with a double bogey. Decades later I still can’t believe it happened. The iron shot gives you a chance at a birdie. John
  22. Maybe Marketing,,, "Our longest......" John
  23. Knock yourself out... https://golf-info-guide.com/golf-ball-tests-and-reviews/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIt5GIjNCQ5gIVjtdkCh3IpgBNEAMYASAAEgIDvvD_BwE http://www.golfballtest.org/ Search for chart on the Golf Ball Test website. I won't pretend to be able to explain all the voodoo behind golf ball compression, cover, and 2, 3, 4, etc.piece balls. Maybe you can glean something from the above sites that will give you an idea what you want to try. But, get the cheapest one that you like the best. Losing 2-3 balls a round is not conducive to expensive golf balls. No one here can tell you what to use because at your level it is all personal preference. I used to use Top Flite D2+ Feel, but I tried Srixon Soft Feel and liked them better. I gave our sons my extra boxes Top Flites. At my level, I could hit 1,000,000 shots and there would be no difference between the two. The real difference is located between the ears. John
  24. I have a G10 I’m not using in case you want to work your way up... lol! John
  25. I had a Wilson C200 wedge bent from 55* to 53*. The Wilson is a cast club and 2* Is probably the max. I think your Cleveland wedge is forged so It should be no problem to go from 56* to 54*. Now for the other news. It is my understanding you will lose 2* of bounce off the wedge. I imagine you can open it up to get loft and bounce back to original. My wedge was cheap and it was worth the $5 to get more loft. John
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