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  1. I like Cantlay to win this. He’s come through a lot of adversity and has had a great year; and been pretty consistent. Five of his last 10 starts are in the top 10. I think he has the tools, both physically and now mentally, to really compete at East Lake. John
  2. Doesn’t have to be traditional match play, although it would be a series of matches with individual pairs involved. Scoring over 36 holes could be any format. While I sure suggesting a modified stableford for 36 hole playoffs would be ridiculed, it would give big time risk-reward possibilities. It really is not that important to me. I’ll probably watch some of the FedEx Cup final, mostly to see if Koepka can flip the switch when it counts. To be honest, I watched more last year than the previous 5 or so. Then again, therein lies the problem with any playoff format that needs a golfer named Woods to generate interest. John
  3. That’s why a series of 72 hole tournaments for playoffs will never generate the level of interest unless Tiger is playing. It is no different than any other weekend. Brooks does have a point in being bored and losing interest throughout a round. I realize a 1 vs 64. 2 vs 63, etc over 36 holes, and then 32, 16... will probably never fly, but at least there would be more excitement than which of the top 5 guys will win... at least for me. John
  4. Personally, if the PGA/FedEx really wants to get more buzz about golf playoffs, they should follow what the NCAA does with their basketball tournament. 48 players are seeded 1-12 in 4 brackets based on season points. Players 49-80 play on Monday and the winners are seeded 13-16 on points. The tournament starts on Thursday in whatever format... stroke, match, stableford, mod-stableford. Maybe give top 4 seeds in each bracket, stokes, points, holes, or ??? on the first weekend so the highest seeds have a better chance to move on. Sweet 16 plays the following weekend, maybe start on Wednesday. No added points... mano a mano. Final played on Sunday. Hopefully, at some point, you get office pools/bracketology. Golf Channel could sponsor an online bracket like the NCAA. TST could set one up. Either way, once you get people betting on it, you’ve got them. John
  5. Yeah, let’s get the top 125 players at the Northern Trust and call it a playoff. At least in the NHL they limit it to half the teams to start the playoffs. And if you beat a higher seed you don’t toss out the original seedlings based on the regular season. If you squeak in as a lowest seed you don’t get home ice because of you won the 1st round. Want to give more weighting fine, but not 4 times the weighting. It is funny that for all the dollars FedEx is throwing into their Cup, they just can’t buy enough credibility. As much as I loved seeing Tiger win the Masters, how he totally overshadowed the FedEx Cup last year was priceless. John
  6. You fail to understand how much influence FedEx has on the PGA. A golfer can win a “calendar” Grand Slam and get 2400 points, or just finish second at both the Northern Trust and BMW and get the same 2400 points. One would establish history that would probably never be equaled, the other re-inforces that the PGA Tour today placates to FedEx. There is no longer a Money List, it is now FedEx points. There is no longer a Tour Champion, just a Fedex Champion. John
  7. It will be interesting to see how Koepka does next week at East Lake. After leading in FedEx points he falls to 3rd and is currently 3 strokes behind Thomas. It has been Brooks to lose, but if he falls short of taking home the $15m, I’m sure he will probably face more than just Chamblee’s criticism. John
  8. I’m sure everyone already came to this conclusion, but I just realized the format change was driven by FedEx. They are pumping so many dollars into the FedEx Cup, they don’t want to share the spotlight with anyone else. Eliminating a Tour Champion and just having a FedEx Cup Champion is the plan. Last year was a disaster for FedEx. All the focus that day was on Tiger. Regardless of the FedEx money, last year was almost a “In other news, Justin Rose...” John
  9. Hovland is a beast. It is going to be so much fun to see Wolff, Morikawa, and Hovland duke it out over the next 15 years. Of the three, I’m not counting Hovland out to end up on top. John
  10. Looks like Tiger is going to make a run at the BMW. I hope does well and stays healthy. John
  11. I think the issue comes into play trying to make the Tour Champion and the FedEx Cup Champion one in the same. I had less of a problem watching Tiger win the Tour Championship as it is supposed to represent moving through the payoffs and ultimately beating the best. It is a grueling task and winning it is a real accomplishment. Winning the FedEx Cup is all about the money and rankings should be based on the culmination of a body of work throughout the year. And watching Justin Rose play to win the FedEx Cup was fine also. I know everyone complains about the playoffs, and I know some players skip one of the playoffs or one gets hot and unexpectantly pulls off a coup. But giving 10 (or 8,7,6...) strokes to the best players in the world for just one tournament seems like the wrong solution. John
  12. The new format was decided way before Tiger won at East Lake and I would think this might be a one and done if it doesn’t play out well. The PGA goes to all this trouble to capture August as their championship month only to “effectively” have guys shoot in the 50’s on the opening round. It may turn out to be exciting, but it is could be a recipe to get points early and often, hang on throughout the year, and use the strokes at the final. It will be interesting if someone like Kuchar gets just hot enough to win the championship on strokes given. John
  13. The goal is for the FedEx Champ to also be the Tour Champion... or at least one of the Top 5 in FedEx points going into Eastlake. For this reason, I think Tiger shuts it down for the year. Even if he manages to get into the top 30, there are just too many strokes given to the FedEx leaders to overcome. If Tiger shoots a -14 at Eastlake 2019 and Koepka shoots -5, Brooks wins (unless one of the other top 5/10 shoots better). Either way Tiger loses. John
  14. Actually Patrick won a minimum of $2m this weekend. He won $1.6m for winning at Liberty National and a minimum of $400k even if he finishes 30th in FedEx points at Eastlake. Currently at 2nd, he probably will finish top 10 or 15 or better regardless. John
  15. Jordan -3 for the day so far. If he can stay there or go a bit lower it will be a good tournament for Spieth. Something to build on. John
  16. And Jordan shoots a 74. John
  17. https://www.sbnation.com/golf/2019/8/10/20799981/bryson-dechambeau-slow-play-video-pga-tour-rules This is a good write-up that illustrates what it may take since the PGA is s not going to do anything on its own. And every forum that highlights the issue helps. John
  18. Jordan and DJ in final pairing on the weekend. Getting the gang back together. John
  19. Big weekend for Jordan. He needs to get through rounds 3 and 4 without blowing up. Doesn’t have to win but needs to be in the top 5 to re-establish his confidence in the latter rounds. John
  20. Thanks! i agree with you, as I now remember, that the higher a player ends up, the more PGA events are available to that player. Finishing first in the money gets a higher minimum starts than finishing 25, or... It would then make sense for a qualifying top 25 regular season player to try to bump up the rankings by adding any Finals money to his regular season total. John
  21. I don’t recall the exact format. My understanding is the top 25 on the money list prior to the Finals get their cards, and then another 25 who finish in the top 25 in KF Finals also get their cards? Would the total be 50 separate players, even though some players would be in the top 25 in both categories? Thanks! John
  22. I think they do have a chance to get it back if they play in the Korn Ferry Tour Finals and end up in the top 25. I don’t recall how many of the Top 25 on the KF money list also play in the season ending tournaments. At least it is an opportunity for them to play against players not named Brooks, Rory, or Tiger. John
  23. You should probably take a lesson or two and see what the pro says. No one here can tell you if you will be able to ever hit a 200 yard drive. The other thing would be to play Par 3 and Executive courses. I realize everyone has a fascination with blasting a drive down a fairway, and parts unknown, but golf can be fun without “having” to hit a 200 yard drive just to reach a fairway. John
  24. It seems to me that Spieth has lost all confidence and he wants to overcome that second guessing with tweaks and swing thoughts. I don’t know if he will ever put it back together. If he finds another coach the first order should be to establish a consistent shot. It doesn’t matter if it is a draw or a fade, it just has to be a shot Jordan believes he can hit. in every sport, it seems like belief is the single component, provided there is already ability, that determines success. John
  25. Since I don’t want to start a Wyndham Championship thread, I’ll post it here. Tournament moment... David Duval talking about Jordan Spieth. A real “See your future; be your future” moment. John
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