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  1. Google "ricky shields adjustable club".
  2. Since last night Argentina entered in a 2 week quarantine for everyone. You can only go out to buy food or medicine. No golf for me for at least 2 more weeks.
  3. You just need to worry about going out and having fun with her. When she wants something more than just going out she will brought it up. You never have to do it. If you speak about relationships in the beginning of the interaction with her she will feel that she is going to loose her freedom with you and she will run away.
  4. Here in Argentina sports are now played without fans, but at the same time we still travel by subway or train one over each other. It make no sense.
  5. Numbers can be deceiving and the media always will take advantage of it to sell more. In 20 days of the virus almost 5k died in the world from coronavirus. (around 250 each day). Every day 150k people die around the world. Only the 0.0017% of the dead each day are from coronavirus... there are monsters out there more lethal than coronavirus.. just saying.
  6. 1- not at all. but i guess that maybe in a few weeks i will be doing home-working all week. 2- not at all. same thing, maybe in a few weeks my club is going to be closed or with some attendence restrictions. Here we have Dengue and Influenza, both kills a lot more people everyday than coronavirus so we are still not much worried about it.
  7. They gave me a 69(-3) last saturday. Maybe i should stop playing until they forget about it.. i´m scared..
  8. Finally, birdie on #1 hole to finish the challenge.
  9. Avoid injure yourself even worst. WD, heal and come back next year.
  10. 83 at a mid Am tournament on a really hard course. Around 7000 yards. Rating 75.
  11. 78-72 (+6) another good score for this weekend. It´s so important to keep grinding after a couple of bad holes, the good ones are ahead of us. I was +3 on the second round on the 8th tee, y birdied #8, #10, #11 and #12. -1 on the 13th tee. It felt good.
  12. 2 more rounds. Birdied #11 ! Only hole #1 to go.
  13. Amazing! Greg... c´mon man!
  14. Liked the distribution on concepts when you have 1..2 or 3 hours for a 1st class. With strategy you can gain strokes rigth away, cut out a few strokes with short game is something that can be achived in a short amount of time. Long game is the most important ascpect if you really want to lower your score but that take time! in that case you need several clases. Good Job!
  15. Yes, but this is not about been better than half of the world, it´s about shooting your best scores that your current swing allows you to do. If you can keep the ball in play with your driver you will score better than keeping the ball in play with 3 wood... hybrid or 4 iron. Beeing closer to the green in play makes you score better. The same apply when lay-up on a par 5. I used to leave me a 90 yard full shot. Now i hit it as close to the green as I can and i´m doing a lot more birdies with half wedge and i don´t practice them at all, closer to the green in play is always better.
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