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  1. I know this is OT, but when I visit Calgary during summer months, the sky is light upto almost about 10:30 PM to 11 PM! So I given the latitude of Ireland, I am not surprised they have the last tee time around 4 PM. I hope one of the "local" boys wins the Open. It would be a great story even if it is Rory or GMac.
  2. My guess is one of the dark horses, i.e., non-top 20 in WGR, winning this Open. But I am always hoping for Tiger or Rory to take the trophy.
  3. I walk 90%+ of the time and always wear long pants and UV sleeves. I do wet my UV sleeves sometimes, which really helps cool off. But I have no problem with my Adidas 365 (my bad for incorrect numbering before) long pants.
  4. I wear Adidas 360 or other light fabric pants.
  5. Wow! That is fantastic! If I might say so, your son looks like your avatar. Or is it really him???
  6. Ditto for me. I used to wear shorts all the time until about 10-15 years ago. Now I wear long pants only. Keeps the sun off so it is cooler and I don't have to put on any sun screen.
  7. Whatever works, you should stick to it and ignore comments from the peanut gallery.
  8. Finally watched Avenger: End Game. It was re-released this past weekend with some deleted scenes added. Since I didn't watch it when it first came out, I have no idea which scenes were added. I gave it a par, just missing the birdie putt.
  9. As others have said, handicap index is suppose to calculate in the slope and rating. Therefore, in theory both players should be about the same. But as anyone know, some courses suit particular players. Even Tiger during his prime won mostly on some of the courses over-and-over. For example, Riviera does NOT seem to suit Tiger at all, whereas Torrey Pines is well suited for Tiger.
  10. Only sudden loud noises bother me when I swing.
  11. It's usually cloudy or foggy near Carmel and San Francisco area. For the majority of the part, it's actually cold during summers in SF bay area. Tiger just missed a short putt on 7th. Ugh! Put a fork in Tiger.
  12. From what I gather, it seems he travels a lot for work and that allows him to play different courses. Not that he seeks out to play different courses and plans trips accordingly. Same with me for the most part. I travel a lot for work. When I do, I often like to play golf with clients. When I am at home, I typically have 5-8 courses that I play most often.
  13. I can see how being a single allows you to play as much golf as you want. Congratulations on your achievement of having played over 1800+ courses. I just can't fathom playing that many different courses. I would love to, but I doubt I would even come close to a sniffing distance of playing that many courses.
  14. Yukari

    Brooks Koepka

    Hmmmm. Me thinks he is being facetious.
  15. If they keep the greens soft, I would bet on Rory to win. He seems to do well when the conditions are soft - like when he won at Congressional.
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