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  1. Yeah with some places only taking tee times over the phone (due to prepay requirement), it is almost impossible to get through. Other places take only online tee times but have to call 24 hours before or the day of to pay over the phone. That also creates phone jam. They should allow online payment and online booking to avoid these hassles.
  2. I love her raspy voice. Really sexy and captivating.
  3. I disagree. The first time I shot in the 70's was when I started with a double (could have been triple, I forgot). The point is, you should not let the first hole dictate your entire round. Like @saevel25 says, I am not a fan of allowing the first hole dictate my entire round.
  4. Best Coast - Everything has changed
  5. Me??? I wasn't there! Oh, Brady. Yeah, I can totally relate. IMHO, he was just having an off-day. I know I have waaayy too many off-days on a golf course. 🤬
  6. Ahhhh. That make a sense. Glad you are able to get out and get some fresh air. Hopefully you are also getting some golf in with a cart.
  7. How is electric bicycle going to help you exercise? But seriously, at least for me, carrying seems to be a lot easier on hilly courses. I've done both carry and use push carts. But I found carrying is a lot easier on hilly courses. On flatter courses, hands down push carts are easier.
  8. Even though it looks that way, but with all that pressure, I won't be surprised if they are not performing as well as they would otherwise. I am waaayyy too familiar with not playing anywhere near to my handicap.
  9. I think Brady has lost confidence in his swing. I can totally relate.
  10. Where is social distancing between Tiger and Peyton? That’s what I see a lot on a course.
  11. Anecdotally that makes sense. I have and will always play blades. All my irons (3-LW) are blades. One of the buddies I play with has a new taylormade cavity back irons. He doesn't know what distance will come out with his irons. Once in a while he would hit 7 iron 200 yards and other times he would hit only 150 whereas his median (not average) yardage with that iron is 175. It really baffles him how his iron distances can range so much. But 90% of the time it's around 175. I always like the feel of a pured iron shot with the blades. I can't see myself changing to cavity back.
  12. I see that more often than not. Most golfers who are friends do NOT seem to practice any social distancing.
  13. I prefer walking when I play unless they require a cart. I like the exercise.
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