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  1. You mean the decline in your interest? You have made that abundantly clear.
  2. For crying out loud, man. It's 2020. We get why you don't like Asian players. Give it a rest.
  3. You are talking about your personal preference. My personal preference is to NOT watch "Lexi" because she is an entitlted, lying, cheating brat. I don't like watching Wie because she almost never reaches a level even close to what was her apparently unlimited potential. Creamer is a whining hasbeen. The LPGA is there for the best players in the world. Heaven help it if it existed for the best US players. Are you aware of how popular the South Korean and Japanese players are elsewhere in the world? They are huge stars.
  4. Guess what? You are racist. And sexist. And a chauvinist. And of course you'll deny it. You want to see more pros like Gulbis, ( I mean "Natalie") who routinely occupied the lower half of the missed cut line rather than the sensationally good Asian players. WTF has the geneology of your wife or stepsoin got to do with anything? You don't want to see the best players, you want to see the best players that are not "foreign". Another thing, believe it or not, is that the policies are not going to change because of your peculiar viewing preferences. Maybe you need to become a golf fan. And yes... things do get ugly in a hurry when you expose your prejudices so willingly.
  5. I wouldn't be basing my practice routine on what someone on a golf forum does. Think about your game and work out where your weaknesses are and work on them. As well as everything else. Keeping statistics is meaningless unless you have a plan to work on different parts of your game. Also, putting statistics are almost completely useless most of the time. As has been said a million times, a round where you have 26 putts doesn't imply good putting unless it's a round of 63 (or something). It usually means you've been chipping or putting from just off the green and holing lots 2 and 3 footers.
  6. I was going on the terminology of the person I was responding to. "Two hazards wrapped in one isn't legitimate (tree and bunker)."
  7. A tree isn't a hazard and the fact that it is there makes your decision easy. Avoid it at all costs. You may as well say about the 15th at Augusta: "Who puts a creek in front of a green where the front of the green slopes towards the water and people are hitting shots with backspin." You deliberately avoid Out of Bounds, Penalty Areas and places where you aren't going to get out without drama. But then, I notice you said about Pine Valley: "I have seen one of the two par 5 holes hit in two shots....once." So what? Par fives aren't supposed to be hit in 2 shots. And if they are a good design you'll often find that unless you are in the perfect part of the green for 2 you'll have a difficult time 2 putting and will wish your third shot was from 100 yards out.
  8. Buying clubs (irons) singly is a very uneconomical way to do it. Use whatever you have and then buy a complete iron set. My research shows that buying two irons or three irons individually is a similar price to buying a whole set. They price single irons high because they think someone needs tp replace a single club which is cheaper than buying a whole new set.
  9. Your guess is wrong. It's a new club built to price.
  10. It's because it's a solution to a problem that doesn't exist. And the type of marketing bullsh*t that makes people cringe.
  11. Imagine if this was The Sandtrap's little mission statement: We are united by our love of the game. We don't follow the rules. We take mulligans and ignore the game's traditions and conventions. We're not your usual golfers. We aren't interested in the history of the game or playing fair. It's because we love the game. We're Sandtrappers. I mean.... What would be the the difference?
  12. There's a guaranteed fail. How to lose millions in one easy step. The worst part of it is that they pretend by be targeting players with a love of the game but no brand loyalty and then insist that they're not really Titleist but sort of are. How can they be so contradictory? It's like high school marketing assignment where you target a product that no-one wants to an audience that doesn't exist. Do the people below exist? And if they do, do they give a sh*t what golf ball they use? Or are they going to bother searching for a brand that fits their BS ethos. FFS - If I'm buying tyres for my car, I'm looking at Pirelli, MIchelin, Toyo, Bridgestone, Dunlop etc. I'm not desperately seeking out a non "brand name" tyre because I think I'm cool - and then looking for one that's made by the aforementioned.
  13. Pretty weird. Three kids in the photo and none of them looking at him hitting the shot. Might've been a long day for them, but you see adults doing the same thing all the time. The thing is, if you really need to have a video of the player in front of you, you can aim the camera at the player and still watch in "real life".
  14. Look at the kid on the left. How many times in your life are you going to be standing 10 feet away from Mickelson while he's hitting a shot? What do you do? Watch the screen on your friend's phone as he records the shot.
  15. We all love looking at Pebble Beach. What I hate is watching Bill Murray throw his putter at his caddy with a "hilarious" deadpan expression on his face and then go and pick up a woman in the gallery and carry her off. You can tell the guys who never have to putt anything inside 4 feet and have BS handicaps. There was one I saw this morning who was supposedly playing off 9 who obviously would not play to 25 anywhere. No-one is being ripped to shreds. The commentators are sycophants and there is a reason why the broadcast tries to show as little as possible of the amateurs or "celebrities", unless it is Kelly Slater holing a 20 footer.
  16. Sounds like they knew who dealt with the cart after you'd finished and asked him after you rang. Why would he take it home? He got busted.
  17. Just sensational, as is the Pine Valley one. Cypress Point makes Pebble Beach look like a goat track. This Ellerston flyover is great too. More exclusive than Augusta and with a slope of 153.
  18. So you're saying that you play off 13.4 but can't break 110? Even at Pebble Beach? I'm talking about the guys that hit 15 foot putts 12 feet past the hole and can barely hit it within 10 yards of the green from 50 yards.
  19. Couldn't agree more. You see these CEO's with a "12" handicap who clearly couldn't break 110 in their dreams - and then you see someone hit a green from 100 yards and the commentators praise them as if it's phenomenal golf. Worst of all, though, is Bill Murray and his one joke schtick where he's rude to people and pretends to be blase when he makes a six foot putt.
  20. He does not. Where does he say this? Stop making stiff up.
  21. Amazing - but just in case people don't know, it's NOT DJ. Just sayin'.
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