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  1. Not far from you Joe, live here in newark de only about 45 mins away, thank you for your service, hope you hit them long and straight when you get back!
  2. My cousin whos my playing partner does, he just bought a new club and still trying to decide which club he wants to drop and/or if he wants to keep the club, I dont mind whatsoever. I would also bet that would be a similiar case with other people with 15+ clubs.
  3. I dont know I guess I disagree a bit. I think it just sends out the wrong message, especially during sport broadcast where its live. I understand people smoke its a daily thing everyone has seen someone smoke but still on a live broadcast, its just bad taste, if the player cant withold himself from smoking during a television event then try at least not to televise him live when hes walking to his ball. My opinion its not to slander any smokers out there.
  4. Hello and welcome, I recently joined as well, great forum. Not really near Pittsburgh, Im in Delaware so fairly close to those guys in Doylestown that posted.
  5. You rock dude, Ill have to look into that myself.
  6. Thanks I appreciate your help, I do have an instructor that helps me routinely, I have some drills over the winter and really was just try to get in the knitty gritty trying to understand the golf swing. Being that it was my first real season last year I actually was pretty happy of how I progressed although the video probably doesnt support it :) Always curious to see what other people think and what methods and thoughts, so hopefully spring comes sooner or later! Thanks again.
  7. I agree start with small swings half or quarter swings, working a drill to get my shoulders right, and the wrists I would probably put at the top in second in priority. Hopefully I have already made progress hard to tell without getting out there and taking video too, but thats not happening any time soon because of the weather. After that well see whats left, I would think some problems will go away, some will still remain, and I bet new ones will pop up, just gotta take it one at a time. Thanks yor you help Zeph Ill try miving close, and doing the chipping and pitching.
  8. I guess theres two methodologies about it, I starte practicing my putting stroke to get better putting this winter. I was averaging 36 putts in a round which is not that great, found that I like using a shorter backswing and a longer forward swing on my own, also found a couple of other things that helped, found out that my eyes were following the putter head during the stroke I stopped and focused on the ball and that helped a ton too.
  9. Your right about that one of the many things Im going to have to tend to this season coming up, I think first and foremost I need to fix my shoulder plane turn. I think once I get that fix alot of the other issues I am having will get fixed or at least help some of them, practicing right now while waiting for the snow to melt just by doing some drills and having some chekpoints in my swing. Here is down the line just like you said right of target going outside in, yellow line repesents where my club angle originated and red line where my head height was at address, Im a hack :)!
  10. I just downloaded V1 after hearing about this thread, got the basic free version but it works great, has enough features for me. Obviously it may be limited for an instructor which is why they may need the expensive version but it is pretty cool.
  11. Had a job where our client had a sim built into their newly built house, was very jealous.
  12. I guess it would have been better for my self esteem if I was a lefty. I do have a bunch down the line and face on, self analysed both. Lots of work :) The only unfortunate thing is just have to wait for all the snow to melt.
  13. Also started to notice that my left arm bends enough to want to make a lot straighter that would probably improves things.
  14. I also liked using the nxt's but I like to pull my shots left which usually means woods for me and it got to expensive using those. I use the snake eyes TPII balls, 12 for 25 and theyve been bogo for awhile so its 24 for 25 pretty nice deal for pretty nice balls.
  15. In the same boat, looking for wedges thinking about vokeys, cleveland cg wedges or making snake eyes wedges as well. If I dont end up making the snake eyes I would probably end up buying used.
  16. I agree, I definitely need to get either a laser rangefinder or a gps. Both the range, and the course yardages are very untrustworthy, especially on par3's when its really important to have the right club.
  17. I just downloaded V1 basic to do my own unscientific mini analysis of my swing. My instructor has done this for me before but now that I have a real season under my belt and have seen a bunch of swings now my understanding of a good golf has come a long way. So I thought take that to my own, downloaded the software and went through the ropes to see my swing. Wow its ugly lol! I am terrible, and to think I broke 90 with that swing. My shoulder turn looks like its dead flat no angle on it, I have no idea why I am doing that but that cause me to angle my spine severely to the target also causing my left knee to go towards the right knee and way down which looks like it causes me do dip down as well. Some way in hell I get myself in some sort of position to strike the ball. I have alot of work to do, plus some other stuff like overturn in the wrists, shaft going past parallel, etc.. Here is the same video, wow I suck lol, but to look on the bright side I have stuff to work on this year!
  18. Burner or the hibore xls are both very good choices. I was between those when getting my driver and 3 wood, ending up liking the hibore xls driver a bit more and the 3 wood I matched it is my favorite club in my bag. But seeing that you already have burner driver it wouldnt be a bad thing to have a matching three wood, gives you some consistency. But having different clubs isnt a bad thing either as long as it works for you and its what you favor.
  19. I have had a day like that last year, in fact I just posted about that day yesterday I think lol. Needless to say it was the worst ball striking I have ever had ever! I dont know who was more mad me or my instructor (probably me). I recovered slightly later in the day, and the next day I had a great round after the first hole. The only thing I did to recover was just to to the chipping green practice a couple of different shots with clubs, then go to the putting green and start hitting a lot of putts just trying to get my mind off of how I was ball striking. It helped that day and the next day was a pretty good round. Just try to get your mind of it, practice different aspects and clear your mind and start hitting quality shots.
  20. Is he looking at the swing and really means nice swing not really paying attention to the ball? If not I really just dont understand why you would even say that.
  21. I had the same thing happen to me, went out to my instructor to the range to practice a good bit then we were planning to do 27 holes. Well I happen to have the worst days ever, and I mean EVER! I couldnt have hit the ball better with my putter than any other club I was using. I dont know who was more mad me or my instructor, probably me though. Wow I couldnt beleive it, it was like 100 steps backwards, you gain a step here gain a step there maybe two another day, a bad day youll lose a step, well jesus I lost 100! Ended up playing 18 got a touch better but not much, it was ugly. The next day we went out again first hole looked like it was going to be more of the same, ended up doing quite well after the 2nd or 3rd hole, which was a relief. I hope I never see one of those days again, I wouldnt wish it on my worst enemy.
  22. It would be pretty funny if Tony Romo does better than John Daly, they are paired up.
  23. I have the same putter, I love it. It actually wasnt my first choice when I was choosing putters, almost went with the Odyssey sabertooth felt like it had a better stroke the whole way through just coulding justify the small improvement in feel to the additional cost of the putter. Regardless love the #9, simple yet effective.
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