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  1. Being an avid watcher of the show for over 20 years, I will miss Alex Trebek. It is going to be strange turning on the TV at 7:30 and not seeing Jeopardy (if they stop the show) or Alex Trebek as the host of Jeopardy.
  2. I was talking with my dad about the two courses I played. Bedford Springs and Royal Kent. I told him I enjoyed Bedford Springs much more. I agree with everything you mentioned. I had a hole were I hit a PW over a hill and ended up back left. It was impossible to get a solid line with out climbing a steep slope. I did enjoy Royal Kent, but to many blind shots. On hole #2, I thought I pulled my driver left and ended up in the right rough. I would like to play the course when it’s dry out. I would give Royal Kent a 6.5-7.0 out of 10.
  3. Probably hole #9 at Bedford Spring. Hit a 230-235 yard hybrid to pin high, about 5 yards right of the green.
  4. Some notes from hitting the ball decently well this past weekend in Virginia. Backswing 1. Start swing with right hip back. 2. Add a small bit hinge and height with arms. Downswing 1. Turn and get right side through. 2. Straighten left leg sooner, get a bit more extension. 3. Try to hit the ball left. Overall things turned out well. If I didn't do the downswing well enough I would hit slight pushes right and fat some of my irons. When I did the downswing stuff better, the ball flight is pretty neutral, maybe slight pulls from time to time.
  5. Here are approach shots for Erik, Bill, John, and Jonny on Hole #18 John, Bill, Jonny, Erik,
  6. How are the laugh angle and spin rates? I always struggled with getting the spin rates down on the Titleist drivers.
  7. No clue. Here is some images of the drawers.
  8. I think this is the case. The previous owner did mention that cabinets were Amish-made. I checked a few drawers and such, and there isn't any markings on them. The drawers are mostly high end plywood. The face of the cabinets look to be hardwood of some kind. There is some areas were the finish has rubbed off and you can see the grain underneath.
  9. No, the back side is stained as well. here is a different angle.
  10. Just bought a a house and I am trying to figure out the type of wood used for the cabinets.
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