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Adjusting stance width for fades and draws

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Tell me if this sounds right or at least plausible:

Draw :  a wider stance (slightly closed, right foot behind left foot, combined with a strong left hand grip) will minimize hip turn and allow you to make more of an arm swing which could make it easier to draw the ball. I was experimenting on the course yesterday with my 6 iron and found this to be true. With a narrow stance (while trying to draw the ball) the hips might clear too early on the downswing and you could get "stuck" and just hit a big push with no draw. Or maybe even a shank with the irons?

Fade : a more narrow stance (slightly open and weakening my left hand grip) will allow the hips to clear earlier. When I narrowed my stance I felt like I could really rotate my hips faster and this helped me hit a fade. I felt like I could aggressively rotate my hips (clear my left hip) and still really fade the ball.

Is this just random tweak# 8,678 or has anyone else experienced this effect?  Has anyone else ever adjusted their stance width to manipulate ball flight?  I know some folks just flip their wrists over aggressively to hit a draw but that requires perfect timing---I don't like to use any aggressive hand manipulation. My arms and hands (on the downswing) are just along for the ride.


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