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Hola from the Valley of The Sun - Phoenix, AZ

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I've actually posted several times on this site before, but I thought it would be fitting to formally introduce myself and say hello. I've been golfing for about two years now, and am totally addicted to the game. My primary goal is to become a scratch golfer in three years and be competitive in good amateur tournaments throughout my late thirties and forties (and beyond?). I'm 37 now. I played college baseball and have 8 high school varsity letters, so I feel I have the athletic ability and drive to do it. I've just always been fascinated by how much more important it is to practice and learn smarter, not just harder, in golf. That's one reason I've joined this forum - to get tips from some knowledgeable and passionate folks like y'all, while sharing experiences.

Another thing: I'm new to Phoenix, and no one I work with or know really plays much golf. If anyone in the Phoenix or Tucson area is looking for a twosome or foursome partner, let me know. I'd be happy to get out there.

Thanks to the organizers of this forum and everyone for participating. Cheers!


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    • How necessary are proper golf shoes?
      By WUTiger · Posted
      If it's a par 3 course or one of a couple of flat nine-hole layouts, cross-training shoes with nubs might be OK. Otherwise, I want spikes.  I went out to my home course in November to try out a new 3W, but found the driving range closed. So, wearing cross-training shoes, I decided to play a couple of holes with two other people. Sleet and snow started, and on the second hole I had trouble. I left a tee shot on a par 3 on a deep-grass hillside between the side of the green and a deep greenside bunker. The grass was slippery, and I slid 10 feet into the bunker twice trying to get a stance for a swing. I had to pick up. Two weeks ago, I had an uphill short wedge on another par 3 (at a different course). The shot was 60 degrees uphill, and I had to make an arms only punch so I didn't lose my balance. Without spikes, I would have needed to take an unplayable lie. I want my spikes. Modern soft spikes shouldn't hurt the green any - if you walk smartly and don't drag your fee.  
    • The Films and Movies Thread
      By Yukari · Posted
      Saw the Martian today. Definitely Eagle!
    • My Swing (cbrister)
      By cbrister · Posted
      working down longer...how so? 
    • 2015 NFL Football Thread
      By Jakester23 · Posted
      So is Super Bowl matchup already set?  I know the cards and Bengals are going strong for now but I feel like its a packers and patriots Super Bowl this year.  Obviously if Rodgers or Brady go down all bets are off that being said they both have the inside track at home field advantage (I know its early) and both qb's seem to have extra motivation.  Brady's being obvious and Rodgers trying to get another ring after the meltdown the packers had in the NFC championship last year.  I don't see either team having more than 2 or 3 losses going forward.  With the injuries to big ben, the colts laying an egg, and Dalton being well Dalton in the playoffs I don't see a real threat to New England.   In the NFC Green Bay's biggest threat is/was Seattle who they now have beat and are 2.5 games lead of in the standing.  The NFC East is a joke, Detroit seemed a formidable foe last year but it looks like they will drop to 0-4 after this week.  Atlanta could be a tough task but they still have to prove they have a defense.  Arizona and GB play week 16 in Arizona but looking at each teams schedule I would guess GB would come in with a better record.  Also Palmer has a significant injury history.  Rodgers is in his prime and looks like he can do anything he wants on the field.  Im pulling for a Packers Super Bowl win (for obvious reasons). 
    • Curious.....So...Why is a slice so easy to hit?
      By LagShaft · Posted
      When I started I had a wicked snap slice and thought I could fix it with something I'd read about swinging to where you don't want to go.  That just lead to an inside out swing which didn't fix my slice because my problem was getting the club face closed.   Last time out I was back to my old game of slicing again but a friend fixed it by having me move my right hand over my left a little more on my grip(to where it should be).  Turned my shots into a slight draw the rest of the day lol.  By now you'd think I'd have that grip thing down pat but I guess the Devils in the details in this game.
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