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Cleveland 588 Satin 56-10 with KBS HI REV

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Up for sale is a 2012 Cleveland Forged 588 Satin 56-10 wedge with a KBS HI REV shaft. The club is in excellent condition. The grip is a new Golf Pride BCT Full Cord. The club plays 35.5 inches with standard loft & lie. The price is shipped USPS parcel post. PayPal only, Thanks


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    • My Swing (allenc)
      So my recent evolvr lesson has to do with this position on the downswing.  My right arm needs to be less across my body and more pointed straight at the camera.  Secondly, although I wasn't completely clear on whether this is true, the line from my shaft to the ground needs to be pointed at or outside the ball rather than down between the ball and my feet. Eric's advice on how to do this mostly was to swing more "outward" rather than "downward." In the past I recognized something I believe to be related when studying differences between my swing and professional swings.  Pretty much all pros have a sort of loop at the top of the transition where the clubhead appears to drop back behind them before they do much on the downswing.  After this move the shaft is definitely pointing outside the ball and remains that way all the way down.  I noticed I start the downswing with a kind of downward move with my head and shoulders.  With this move my club at best starts down without changing direction much, and at worst loops in the opposite direction of the pros.  At the time I tried to change this, pretty much to no avail.  Now that I have it on good authority that it is a priority I think I'll try harder. Unfortunately I have no idea how.  I gave it a try at the range yesterday but swing "outward" to me is fairly synonymous with "try to shank it" or "try to slice it."  Since it was the range where result don't matter I gave those swing thoughts a try anyway, and they worked perfectly...  I shanked and sliced everyone one.  Also, the videos showed that the position at A5 was, if anything, even worse than before so obviously that wasn't working. Eric also said that further improving my wrist hinge will probably not tie into the above, but since that leaves some possibility that it will I decided to work on that.  Here are two full swings where I swing back slower than usual so I can exaggerate the wrist hinge as much as I possibly can. The first was a large push off the toe and the second was a dead straight great shot.  Interestingly, the frame at the A5 position in both swings is almost identical.  Here's one because I can't tell the difference: It actually does appear my arm is pointing straight back a little better here, but the shaft is probably aiming even more downward than in the photo at the top of the post.  I'm not really sure which is more important but I have to believe pointing that much down is bad so Eric was probably right about it not tying in to the wrist hinge.  And I think those were pretty good hinges if I do say so myself! Later, I messed around a bit in front of the mirror to see if I could get a feeling where I was doing the right thing and did find something.  It seemed if I could start the downswing with more of a hip move, doing as little as possible with the shoulders, my arms and club got into a pretty decent position.  Now Eric didn't mention anything remotely of that nature in the relevant video but it could just be a feel thing: I feel hip but I'm actually moving my arms and club in a more outward direction. Anyway, for now that gives my something to try next time, but I suspect this piece will be a lot harder to improve than the wrist hinge since it's during such a dynamic part of the swing.  
    • Poor Treatment of Muslim Passengers
      When the US established airbases in Saudi, I believe it sowed the seeds ...  Remember whose citizens hijacked the aircraft on 9/11.
    • Will Jack Nicklaus' Major Record stand the test of time?
      Hard to say "never". When Bob Beamon shattered the long jump record in 1968 it was widely held that record would never be broken.  It was, 23 years later. Historical progression of long jump record:
    • Rory to Get Engaged to Erica Stoll
      I think strange in both how they met, the whole late to the Ryder Cup thingy, and then how he was engaged to this extremely famous tennis star, decides basically after sending out the invitations that he changes his mind, and now decides to get engaged again to a relatively normal person. Might make a good rom-com. I take it Rory is a romantic so this is probably just par for the course.
    • cool custom golf carts
      i have seen some pretty cool custom golf carts! post pictures of cool golf carts here i'll start with this one
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