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The basic grip

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I have been struggling with consistency lately and I want to start back at the grip. I realized I had a super strong right hand grip and also a somewhat strong left grip. I AM A LEFTY. I started to make my left hand a little weaker and more on top of the club with my trigger finger down the shaft a little. However it just feels so uncomfortable and I think it is due to my right hand grip being do strong and my thumb is all the way on the side of the grip instead of more on top. I would like to mark my golf glove and hand when I play to make sure I am holding the club properly. I was wondering if anyone else does this and what is the perfect markings on the club and the pressure points. I read somewhere that I should hold the club in right hand with bottom three fingers. Should the right hand be more in fingers or in the heel pad area. Please let me know. I want to start becoming more consistent again. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Tough to say for a lefty, because i am a right handed person, thinking backwards like that is not a strong suite :p

For me, i focus on the hand near the butt of the club first, for me the left hand, for you right hand.

I like a stronger grip, if the V's are pointing towards my right cheek to ear, i am close, my right shoulder at most.

So what i do is i take my left hand first, put that on the club, so my thumb runs down just on the right side of the center of the shaft. I make sure the club is supported in the pad of my thumb, the meaty part of the palm just bellow the thumb. This forces the club into the fingers more, than into the palm of the left hand. From there i just place the right hand on the club, so that life lines fit over top of my left hand. Really the two hands fit really good together, its feels natural to me, like the left thumb should fit under the right thumb. (reverse the hands for lefty)

As for pressure points, i believe its the last three fingers of top hand hold most of the pressure in the grip, the bottom hand i have no clue. I never really paid attention to this as much.

I tend to use an overlap grip, though i have intermixed interlocking every once in a while.

As for a more neutral grip, just place the left hand more towards the center, then place the right hand on top. I really focus on what the leading hand is doing (right hand for lefty), then just match it with the right. Its easier to remember this way.


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