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Goldwin Six Shooter and/or Magnificent Seven fairway woods

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Anybody else here ever hit a Goldwin Golf Six Shooter and/or Magnificent Seven fairway woods? I have a Six Shooter that has an unbelievably long and ridiculously high flight. I love mine and was just wondering if anybody else here had an opinion on these clubs.

God Bless!!! Ray


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    • Gun Laws
      By iacas · Posted
      Not sure what the point of that video is. You could make one where an armed citizen saves the lives of tens, hundreds, even thousands. Heck, those types of videos also already exist. Yeah, or runs away because he doesn't want to get shot. That's more likely, IIRC. Look, like many things, people are just arguing with their emotions and culling stats to suit whatever side they happen to fall on. Nobody here is qualified to talk about this stuff beyond "I don't want to carry a gun" or "I feel safer with a gun" or whatever. Their own opinions. That's it. Very few people here have read, I imagine, books on the topic. And I realize I may be showing my bias here, but the "anti-gun" side tends to argue the emotional side of things, the "what about the poor innocent children being slaughtered by the… well, okay, not quite dozens, but more than a few" angle. Every book I ever read stressed to me that it's largely an economic issue. People who want to kill a lot of other people are also free to choose other means: poisonous gases, bombs, etc. Many of them are even safer for them to use than having to stand there pulling the trigger on something.
    • Why after around 60 shots i start to hit bad? (At Driving Range)
      By mvmac · Posted
      Right and golfers have to be careful not to get into "rapid fire" mode because they just end up ingraining their bad habits.
    • Gun Laws
      By Gator Hazard · Posted
      20 feet is too far away still even for a trained and nimble warrior, 6-8 feet is a different story.  There was a lot of controversy over police shooting people with knives at that range who made moves, until they showed you how a person with a knife at that distance could get to you, they may die but they had a chance.  If you are 6 feet away I am moving myself to safer distance to give me more time to respond.  Twenty feet?  I am going to wait for you to clear the first ten so I know for certain I don't miss and then I am going to plug you even if you are Batman (not you personally!).   LOL.  Agreed.
    • My Swing (Mike Boatright)
      By mvmac · Posted
      You said you're not physically capable of performing the centered hip stuff and asked about senior golfers. That's an odd post when the golfer in the videos you post is a younger guy.
    • In one sentence, what's the best statement you can make which would describe your last round of golf.
      By dilbertrob · Posted
      Adventurous.  I skipped a shot across the lake on 10 (skimmed maybe 5 times before ended on the other side) and then hit a crow sitting on the fairway (on the fly) on 12.
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