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910 D2/D3 Sandtrap Review ?

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Maybe I missed something but I have read somewhere a Review on these was half written and would be posted arround X-mas, but I cannot find it anywhere at the Sandtrap .......

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Analyzr took up my time. It's been half done (or more) for awhile. Tell you what: I promise it will be up this Friday.

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OK Great !


I have been looking to trade my S2 Cobra in for the 910 D2, but I am a bit puzzled by all the shaft options and my fitter hasn't all options ....... it is easy to look at the custom options shaft chart of titleist, but still than it might be a lottery........ with the s2 I tried all options, but my preference might be between square and closed, which isn't possible with the Cobra's ......


So I think B2 might be my setting, but it might also differ from one to another shaft.


I have been using the 907 D2 and 909 D2 which I both liked ...... the 907 D2 was actually better for me than the 909 D2 ...... I could really control the shape of shots with that 907 D2 ..... don't know why so many people say it was a poor set of drivers......


BTW can the Analyzer software be used at OS 10.5 ? 

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Originally Posted by Gerald View Post

BTW can the Analyzer software be used at OS 10.5 ? 

Nope. 10.6. It's $29 and well worth it - it does a lot of good things under the hood for increased performance and APIs for developers.

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The D2 is a solid driver. Titleists best driver in years and to me very sexy looking. Great feel, decent forgiveness, nice ball flight, not too penetrating but not a balooner. The shaft options are where it's really at. I got the Diamana Ahina and I LOVE it. The Project X was also a very good shaft combo with it. Always would look into the different options Titleist puts on their clubs, nothing gets on a Titleist from the manufacturer unless its any good. Also try the Aldila RIP

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I gained average about 25 yards more with my new 910D2 with Kaili 70 S.

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Originally Posted by kevin.chan View Post

I gained average about 25 yards more with my new 910D2 with Kaili 70 S.


That is a bold statement and also one that doesn't say much, it is also hard to believe as most drivers hit about identical distances, stepping up to the next generationmight add 3-5% ...... but it is very hard to believe you get a 10% plus, from yet another driver ......


I believe it is a great driver but a 10% average plus ....... no !

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Gerald , 


I was playing 905T 9.5 deg and Snakes Eyes Viper Tour 10 deg with Proforce V2 Stiff 57g for the last 5 years.

Both drivers were fitted in the indoor studio with launch monitor . I was quite happy with the result of the both drivers and my average drive is at the range of 250 ~260 ( includes all the mishit ) 


Last Jan , i went to the Titliest fitting centre and demo the 910D2/D3. It is an outdoor fitting centre with the launch monitor. 


The fitter let me try out the 4 shafts - RIP60S / Project X 6.0 / Fujikura Motore S / Kai'li 70 S with the D2/D3 - 9.5 deg 

The entire fitting session was about 90 minutes and i hit about 100 balls from all the combination of Shafts / Heads. 


I also brought my current  driver along for comparison. The launch monitor registered club speed 102 mph / launch anger 11 deg / 2200 spin . Apparently the spin is on the low side and not enough carry .


Out of the RIP60S / Project X 6.0 / Fujikura Motore S , RIP gave me the best feel on the shaft and the numbers on the LM was pretty close with my current driver but with better carry and the spin @ 2400 rpm.


With the better carry ( higher ) , the ball actually travel further  and better roll . With my previous driver's , the spin is too low and the ball are not able to climb up to the optimum height for maximum distance.


I was pretty happy with the RIP 60S with D2 until the fitter put on the Kai'li 70S on the D2. 


Clearly the Kai'li is out right winner ( for me ) , with higher spin of 2600 ( better carry than RIP ) and the feel is better , 102 MPH Club Speed and 11deg Launch Angle.


Overall , it is about what i said about the new distance. I m playing better on my drive and the control , and the swing is effortless and yet far.


I was never a believer in premium shaft ( USD400 per shaft ) but the result show other wise 


Kaili is a great shaft to have and it fit into my game really well .





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I don't know the Viper, but from what I know about the 905T that it has a very tiny sweetspot area, so the 910D2 is a much easier to hit in the sweetspot driver.


I am impressed with the tech there is in the USA and the fittings ..... overhere there are only a few and the readings are a bit strange, I normally hit my drives straight or with a baby draw, but when I on purpose send one away with a slice, I get a higher launch angle and more carry, but in reallity we know that actual carry is shorter......


I can imagine the 8-9% gain now, didn't realize low hc players sometimes still play with these "old" drivers, all I was thinking it was hard to believe a 10% gain over last years innovation with the latest model...... with other words it would be hard to believe that an optimum fitted 910 D2 would be that longer than an optimum fitted 909 D2 ....... ;)


----- another question ..... did you "play" with the 16 possibillities hosel or are you using it standard ?

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Hi Gerald ,


My current setup is the standard setup , but did tried other combinations during the fitting , like 4 different setup ? I was totally drained after the fitting.


I will try to see what is the result if I set to de-loft and set the face close.


I think over the years , the shaft technology has improved significantly, it is not surprise that we can hit 10% further if there is a better shaft out there .

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im going to go buy one when im down in myrtle in 2 weeks, i can not wait :)

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I play the D3 with the RIP X-FLex, and it is a Missle Launcher.  The RIP has given me a little lower ball flight, although I went from 8.5, to a D1 7.25 loft which makes a difference too!

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