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Unique and rewarding way to get on at Ballyneal

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i just saw this news of a unique way to donate to a good cause AND get on at Ballyneal.


Good on you, Jim Colton:




54 holes on the Best New Course of 2006 for $500! (maybe even get a sneak peak at the routing for the new 18!!)


I'm no math genius, but that's less than $10/hole. Winning!



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If I lived anywhere out that way at all (and by "anywhere" I mean within about six hours or maybe more) I'd be all over this!

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I agree this is a great cause, a great opportunity and also great reading at Jim's blog.  That being said I seem to recall going to the Ballyneal website probably about 6 months ago and having the option to request an opportunity to play the course.  I just went to the website and no longer see that option.  I'm guessing the new rankings have made membership recruitment less of a concern and I've missed my chance.

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Ballyneal is other-worldly and worth the trip from anywhere. I've played 600 courses and BN is in my top ten.


Here's a link to photos, although the photos do not do justice to the experience.





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Hey all,


  I'm Jim Colton, the guy behind the event. The marathon has really gained a lot of steam and I wanted to let you know of some of the impressive items added to the raffle portion of the event. Every $50 contributed gets you a chance to win one of the fantastic items below. More items are being added every day, so check out http://www.wegoblogger31.com for more information. The drawings will take place on July 9th.



1. One foursome at Ballyneal, going to the person who most accurately guesses the amount of strokes over par it will take me to complete 108 holes (only one guess per number, so if your first guess is taken, you will be assigned the next closest number).
2. Another foursome at Ballyneal
3. A foursome of golf at Dismal River in Mullen, NE
4. A foursome of golf at The Kingsley Club in Kingsley, MI
5 & 6. Two pairs of golf shoes from TRUE Linkswear - one pair of TRUE Tours and one pair of their new TRUE Stealths, to be raffled off individually
7. A threesome of golf and lunch with a member host atHudson National Golf Club in New York
8. Two nights accomodation at Fairmont St Andrews, full Scottish breakfast each morning and 18 holes of golf on The Torrance or The Kittocks
9. A threesome of golf and lunch at a golf course that I can currently only describe as a future U.S. Open site
10. A threesome of golf and caddies at Skokie Country Club
11. A twosome of golf at Merion Golf Club's East Course, site of the 2013 U.S. Open. Includes tour of the club archives and lunch or dinner.
12. A foursome of golf at East Lake Golf Club, site of The Tour Championship.
13. A threesome of golf at Riviera Country Club, site of the 1948 U.S. Open, 1983 and 1995 PGA Championships and home of the PGA Tour's Northern Trust Open.
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A few more..

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Sunday's Denver Post had a story on Ben and the golf marathon.

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Well, 108 holes was undershooting it a bit. We went 155.  Here's the write-up.


The Ben Cox 108 (Give or Take 47)


There's still time to get in on the raffle, which will take place on July 9th. 



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We added 11 raffle prizes yesterday and a couple more already today.  How about: Aronimink, Cabot Links and a few other top 30 courses in the country. If you are a serious golfer, I can't think of any reason why you wouldn't get in on this.



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so, i had the opportunity to play Ballyneal last year and I can honestly say that it is one of the best courses on the planet.  I'm a member at a few nice courses (both rated top 100) and have been lucky enough to have played SFGC, Cypress, Olympic Lake, MPCC, Pebble, bandon, and about half of the top 100 in America.


Ballyneal is simply awesome.  It's in the middle of nowhere, so plan your trip accordingly... but it is one of Doak's finest (i heard a rumor that he rated it one of his top) and probably better than pacific dunes, but close.


Get after this one.  The course rocks!

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