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TaylorMade MC review

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TaylorMade TP MC Review:


As some of you guys might know, my clubs were recently stolen and because of such, I’ve had to completely replace my entire set of clubs.  Due to the insurance actually coming through, I actually had the opportunity to purchace new, rather than used clubs.  To start my search, I began at Golfsmith where I hit anything I thought I might like.  Needless to say there were a lot of nice clubs but I finally decided on a set of TaylorMade Tour Preferred MC irons.  At this point I’ve played a few rounds with them and thought I’d offer up my review on them.


Let’s start with esthetics… these irons look great.  In my opinion, TaylorMade has always been somewhat of a leader in new technology in the golf world, and while that has made for some good clubs, it hasn’t always made for good looking clubs.   To my eye, many of the clubs that TaylorMade has produced in the past have been straight up ugly, but that is not the case with the new TP line of clubs, which in addition to my MC (muscle cavity) model, also include the CB (cavity back) and MB (muscle back) model.  I kind of think that they look like a more technologically advanced version of the Titlist 710 series (the MB and CB).  Yes, there is a big bolt on the back of each iron, but some how, it doesn't look bad... it actually kind of looks good.


At address, they are just what I was looking for.  I know what my abilities are on the course, and while I play to a 18 hcp or so, I strike the ball more like a low double digit; however, I went into the process of buying new irons with as open a mind as I could and tried out everything from blades (why not) to SGI irons.  No matter how much I tried, I couldn’t get use to the look of the game improvement stuff… they just look so damn big at address and I never felt comfortable over the ball.  The TaylorMade MCs set up as a good players iron should; it has minimal offset and a thin top line.  At address, it looked as good behind the ball as any Titleist or Mizuno.


While they looked like a players club behind the ball, I also found that they had a bit more forgiveness than others I demoed (Titleist 710cb, Mizuno MPs).  On a well struck ball, they have that nothingness feel that is often associated with other quality forged irons like Mizunos.  However, on slightly off center hits, I don’t feel like I loose too much; maybe 5-10 yards.  I felt like with some of the other players clubs I tried I lost more than that.  That isn’t to say that you are going to confuse these with a game improvement club, because you’re not; GI clubs that I tried definitely had more forgiveness than these do, but there is still a good amount in these as well.


As far as shot shaping and workability goes, these clubs do more than enough for me.  I am able to hit my standard shot and as long as my swing cooperates, but a little draw or fade on it.  I also haven’t had any problems hitting the ball high or low depending on the situation I’m in.  I don’t feel that these irons will hamper me as my skill set continues to grow and I improve.


In conclusion, I think that TaylorMade really has a winner with their new TP irons.  They offer the three models which really has something for everybody… The CBs are a great set for anybody looking for forgiveness while still maintaining a look that doesn’t resemble a shovel.  The MBs are a beautiful set of blades that should allow the better player to hit any shot that they desire, and right in the middle are my MCs with a bit more forgiveness than the MBs while still retaining some of the workability. 


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Thankyou for the review of the Taylormade MC irons which as always with Sandtrap reviews was very useful and thorough. Sandtrap is always my "go to" reviewer!

I've hit these irons on the course and have decided to buy them...I'm just tossing up however whether I should buy the MB model in the PW & 9 iron and the MC say for the 8-5 irons. (I use hybrids for the 4 &3 irons).

I don't like too much offset in the short irons and whilst the MC's have only minimal offset I think I would prefer my PW and 9 to set up just that little bit squarer to be more like my wedges.

Do you have any thoughts on this issue?

many thanks and all the best for 2012 !

Kenny Ray

Sydney Australia

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Thanks for the review!

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I thought I'd post a bit of a follow up now that I've been playing these for a little over 6 months.


Everything I originally said I think still holds true.  Since that time, my handicap has fallen a bit getting down to a 15 (it was about an 18 at the time I purchased these). 


I had originally said that I didn't think that these clubs would hamper me in my development one way or another and I don't think that they have.  I have put in a lot of work at the range and am improving at a steady rate.  As I continue to get better I find that I can do more with these clubs.  For instance, today on the 10th hole, I had 150 yards to a flag that was tucked behind some water...  I purposely hit a big draw and landed it 10 ft from the cup and made my birdie.  I'm not sure that if I had gone with a big SGI club that I could have put that much draw on my shot so it was nice...


Anyways, just following up a bit.

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I would agree that these TM TPMB's are flat out sexy. I love the look and the preformance; I thought the preformance was just as good as the asthetics, if not better. I also agree that TM hasn't had a good look'n iron since the RAC's. I thought the R series were just down wright ugly. Being a Mizuno fan I compare every iron I hit to Mizuno MP series and the feel of the TM TPMB's were almost as buttery as Mizuno, I was impressed.


I've found a old set of COIN forged RAC's that were forged by Mirua I'll be shafting up in the next week or so, can't wait. I'm very curious to see how the play.

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Great review, thanks. Love my MC's but do agree the CB's look awesome!

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