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The Golf Haiku Thread!

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How about a little something different? The format for a Haiku is 5 syllables on the first line, 7 on the second, and 5 on the third.


I'll start:


Course all to myself

Circles all over the card

Such a perfect day


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Epic slice in woods

One in one out drive for three

Where's the beer cart girl


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Dream of Pebble Beach

Still grinding the muni track

Beats going to work

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Weight left. Shoulder down.

Hands in. Arms Straight. Tuck the butt.

That is how to swing.


Sorry, first thing that occurred to me. ;-) (Had to modify it a little bit...)

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group ahead so slow

let's bomb it over their heads

six months probation

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I hit the fairway

Only a hundred yards left

Shanked my wedge! Bogey!

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Pulled into the woods

Then up and down for a save

This game drives me nuts!

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Sand and some water

Creep into my mind pre-swing

Focus, make the shot!

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Bar cart finally

26 bucks for 4 beers?!?!?!?!?

Oh well, keep the change

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my bag has some shots
fades, slices, draws, pushes, hooks and duffs
find the perfect shot

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Root Canal Today

Golf I'm Still Hoping To Play

Either Way Is Pain?

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That Four Letter Word

Makes Me Do Things Quite Absurd

Shank, Duff, Hook, Curse.... GOLF

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Golf gives and it takes

Each poor shot followed by good

Enough to hold you!

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Double digit cap

Take another mulligan

Maybe new clubs help?

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Divot fore or aft

Sometimes I just pick it clean

Work consistency!

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TST's a hoot

Everyone hits three hundred,

And plays to a plus!

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Man in the mower,

Why did you run it over?

My poor little ball. :(

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Get out of the way!

I'll drive right into your group.

It's all about me!

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