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Masters Sweaters?

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The hosts of Morning Drive on the Golf Channel were wearing some awesome sweaters with a masters symbol on them.  I've searched the internet with NO success.  Does anyone know where to get these or who makes them?


Someone on here must have the answer!

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Masters logo apparel is only available at the gift shops at the tournament - it isn't sold anywhere else officially.    But browse eBay afterwards and you'll find a lot of stuff being resold by patrons. 


They do have an amazing selection of clothes in the shops.   There are at least 40-50 different men's shirts and a couple dozen women's shirts, plus dozens of pullovers, sweaters, vests, etc.    The shirts range from about $60-150, and the sweaters I saw were about $80-150.    I was there for Monday and Tuesday and got out of there with a restrained $400 in goodies, but one could easily go crazy.   

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Thanks for the response.

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