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Which ones do you own?

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I have the 37 degree with the old grooves and a new 56 degree.

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Originally Posted by meenman View Post

I have the 37 degree with the old grooves and a new 56 degree.


Thanks for the invite and for starting the "Niblick Army" Group!


I own the old (and better) zip groove models and have all the lofts:


37, 42, 49 and 56.


I play them as my 8 iron, 9 iron, PW and SW respectively.


There is literally never a round where I do not use all of them -extensively. And they have saved me countless strokes on my scorecard.


FYI: I put oversized grips on mine and this helps insure less " wristyness" when hitting the delicate shots around the green.

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I'd like to hear from anyone who might be playing the newer, conforming grooves Niblicks ....as well as anyone playing Niblicks with the graphite shafts.  (Mine are the old True Temper steel.)

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How well does the 56* Niblick play out of the sand. Is it possible to open up the face on it like a SW? Seems that with the design it wouldn't be playable that way.

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I have indeed played the 56 degree Niblick with a traditional bunker sand blast shot -open face . It works well out of deeper or fluffy sand but you must be careful since it has a 14 bounce...personally at my club where sand is often thin or muddy I just hit a kind of chip shot towards the hole letting the clubs weight do the work..this ..works well if you follow through straight out and not across yourself-easy once you get the hang of it.... if not you can chili dip it!

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thank you so much. That's better solidified my belief that a Niblick or several Niblicks would do nothing but benefit me and are useful for Chips, Pitchs, Approaches, mad Recovery. Glad to see the 56* performed well in the sand.


I wonder if Dick's carries them. I know there is a Golf Galaxy and a PGA Superstore in Paramaus NJ. I may be taking a trip there or to an online vendor or auction site. 


Thanks again for the help.

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Glad I could help....you can probably pick up a Niblick for reasonable price on ebay.


Good luck....and please do check back into this thread and tell us how you do.

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I currently own the 2011 42* with graphite shaft and recently added the 2011 56* with steel shaft (Van's only had this demo and had none with the graphite shaft).  I'm primarily a walking golfer, and I usually carry a Ping Moonlite bag with eight clubs: D, 3h, 5i, 7i, 9i, 42* niblick, 56* niblick, putter.  The 42* doubles as my PW/GW on full shots, and is great for pitch and runs, and the 56* is my primary pitching/sand club.  Ironically, I rarely use the 42* for chipping--it's too hard to judge the run with it--and usually I'll chip with my 9i, which was my chipping club before I got the niblicks.

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