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Edel Golf

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I have to give a shout out here to the folks at Edel Golf. I'm a lefty and am getting fit for a putter next week. When asking about the wedges I was told they don't have the ability to make them just yet. Neil at Edel offered for me to bring my current wedges to the fitting and they will grind/reshaft/weight and make them fit just as good as their wedges. This shows me that this company is absolutely about the customer. They have a repeat customer out of this guy and I will absolutely purchase the wedges and irons when available to lefties. I was a fan of their product and now am a fan of the company.
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Sounds like great customer service to me.  Make sure you follow-up on this thread and let us know how the putter turns out... And if you take them up on the offer to modify your current Vokey wedges (per your sig - I'm guessing these are the wedges you'd have them modify?).

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Edel is supposed to have Lefty irons and wedges being released sometime this month I believe I'm really looking forward to getting fit for some proper fitting wedges. If anyone knows a solid release date please share.

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Yep, I remember talking to edel. I heard end of march was the latest anticipated they'd be available... excited to see some reviews and check them out 

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