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New irons ?

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Im currently using ping g2 irons which are pretty old and I was thinking about getting some new ones I am considering the


WILSON STAFF Ci11 or Di11 or Ci9 IRONS



let me know what you guys think, Thanks

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Out of these 3 TM Burners.
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I've played A, C, D and E. I regret EVER getting rid of my Ci9's and if the Ci11's are anywhere close, you can't go wrong. The others ain't bad either, but those Ci9's were something to write home about.
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Try the taylormade R11s best irons I have ever played

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They may not be on your list but I got the Mizuno MP 59s a few months ago and my god are they nice. Lowered my handicap by 5 strokes since the beginning of summer. They feel so good when hit flush and even a bogey golfer like me can really shape my shots with them. give em a thought

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