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Hoping for some help!

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Hi everyone, thanks in advance for the time reading or feedback.  Very new to this sight and I am not a golfer myself..... YET!! lol.  But I've been doing some cleaning in the house and came across two bags of clubs that must have been my grandfathers.  I have done extensive research on the web and can not find any information out about these clubs or bags.  I am not sure if this is the right forum or right thread area (sorry if it is not), but I am just looking for some information.  Here is what I was able to read off the clubs.


-Spalding Top Flite Professional (wooden heads) 1, 3, 4, 5 --- part # b-576222
-Lawson Little Wright & Ditson --- part # 503307
-Arnold Palmer True Temper -- part # p68al
- Dolly Turress?? (unsure of spelling) Sure Shot 1
-Also have the bags which one is a Macgregor brown and black leather type material, the other one I can not find a brand name but is white and also seems to be a leather type material.
For some reason I have a feeling some of these clubs may have been woman's clubs.  I think I have a his and hers set.
I guess what I am looking for is to see if there is any value in these clubs or are they just taking up space in my storage area. 
Thanks again.
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Bunch of old crap. toss it

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