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Burner Plus or Burner 2.0?

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So the Taylormade Burner Plus get rave reviews.  People saying for only $269 they are some of the best clubs for the money anywhere.  Also the Burner 2.0 get FANTASIC reviews at $399 with people saying they would pay more for the 2.0’s than the newer RBZ’s.


So the question is is it worth the extra $130 for the 2.0’s over the Plus?  Is there another set of irons in the general price range I should consider?



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2nd swing has new burner 2.0 at 309 shipped. Check it out on eBay
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In Lefty?

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I have the Burner Plus and think they are great clubs.



Here is a lefty set of the 2.0s at Taylormade Preowned for $365. There is also, a coupon code for 12% off. That would bring it down to 321.




Coupon Code: 12off

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That is a good deal, and I normally don't have a problem with pre-owned.  But in this case I am going to buy new.

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Try the burner 1.0 irons. I liked them more than both the plus and the 2.0, plus they're also pretty cheap.

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I have about 220 rounds on a set of Burner Plus irons. Tremendous clubs - I keep wanting to upgrade them to something shinier or prettier but I hit so many solid shots with them & get such great feedback with them, cant bring myself to do it. For the $$ I don't think you could buy a better club for what thryre going for now ...
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For me I'd go with the 2.0's just because they have a slimmer sole.  My iron shots are rarely fat and I hit down on the ball taking a small divot after impact, so nothing gained with the wider soles on the Plus.  Granted the wider sole would help if you're a sweeper with not hitting them fat and getting the ball up there.


Disclaimer:  This is just from looks alone... I haven't hit either club.  I've held the 2.0's in the store and took a couple of make believe practice swings and that's it (however, on said practice swings I was consistantly hitting the ball 200 yards with the 8i a2_wink.gif ).

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