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Anyone know anything about old elephant skin golf bags?

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Okay, bear with me here...I've got a good friend who, like me, doesn't know much about golf.  He inherited a WWII era elephant skin golf bag, and was on his way with it and a pile of other stuff to Goodwill when he decided to hang on to it and look and see if it was "worth anything."  What he found was that they are indeed very rare (probably for obvious reasons) and he's found comments about them being very valuable (like anywhere from $2,000 to $14,000), but nothing terribly concrete.


He definitely wants to sell it if it's got any significant value, but doesn't want to look crazy by just listing it for sale for $14,000 and see what happens if there's some way to know that "uh, dude, that's a $200 bag."  But we're not having much luck finding any good info on it.  Anyone know for real what the market might be on something like this, or where to go to find out?  His grandfather apparently did get it back during WWII (supposedly brought it home from overseas, and you can see the logo says it was made in Saigon), but he passed away in 1995 so we don't know much more about it.  Here are the pics:




Any help or pointers would be appreciated.  My guess is the thing isn't worth near $14k these days, but may be worth a grand or two.  But I'm just throwing a wild guess out there...




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No offense but it looks like its age, old and raggedy. Id be very surprised if u got more then $50... Can't use it, nor does it have any historical reference, and animal skins aren't very popular these days... Maybe if it was completely restored? Maybe take some of that skin and make wallets.
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I think you have something...going to be a small audience.....and I wouldnt have any idea how to market to them.....If it were me ( and it is not) I would list on ebay the lowest amount that you are willing to accept and see what happens.

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I actually have a custom made Elephant Skin golf bag made by Burton Bag Company which is Serial Number 32 and was made on May 8, 1989. I can tell you new it sold for just under $2500 and I believe it is extremely valuable as mine looks like new and I am just starting the process of selling it.  The put a custom plate on it with the day it was made, the serial number and my name.  I would expect it to be worth upwards of $10,000 but will let you know when I find someone interested.  Burton did not make many more after mine but I don't know how many and the Burton Rep told me he did not know and was unable to find out.  Hope this helps, let me know if you would like to see pictures.

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not gonna get much for those 60's era plastic club tubes, though...
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I have  an elephant skin golf bag. Circa 1940-50's  An oil  man friend of mine returned with it from Singapore. It is in pretty good shape, except one zipper does not work. I would like to sell it.

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Three guys come here to try to sell their elephant bags?  What are the chances?


Nice to know that these noble animals didn't die in vain.

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Hi Donnie,  My husband has an elephant skin golf bag that he wants to sell.  It's in pretty good condition.  Did you have any luck selling yours?  Best regards, Terri

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