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Driver Backspin

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Hello I have been using a lot of indoor ranges lately because of winter and I am noticing that I seem to have a very high RPM of backspin on my drives. Usually about 3600-3800. I am wondering how much yardage this may be costing me and how to fix it. my club head speed is 110-115 mph and I am seeing about a 270 yard carry on my drives. I just feel like the balloon look to my drives are costing me some carry and a lot of roll.

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Yes you are definitely losing distance with that much spin.  Few reasons why: your angle of attack is negative, hitting down too much with the driver, the range balls or you're hitting every shot low on the club face (probably not happening).


check out these threads to reduce the spin






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Or you have to much loft on your driver. Loft has little effect on launch angle, and more directly relationship to driver spin. 


Best thing to do is, check a video of your swing from face on view, and see if your hitting down on the ball with the driver. If not, then i would go get fitted. 

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