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Bag Boy Revolver LE

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As usual I found something on the web and purchased it sight unseen, not a good habit to get into. I bought the Bag Boy Revolver LE cart bag. Anyone have one and what are your thoughts, good / bad?

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Used mine for three weeks.  Sold it and lost $50 and was happy to do it.  Just wasn't right for me. 

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I have the Revolver, the lower priced version, just bought last month. I've been golfing quite a bit, 'trying to get my score down quickly', I like it but I think I would've gone in a different direction. Good Bag, good quality but it's hard to organize the clubs and keep them in the clips and I rarely use the revolving feature. Overall a good bag.

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Hmmm, that doesn't fill me with hope, we'll see I guess.

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Got the bag today and loaded it up, everything fits just fine. Looks like a well made bag. I selected the black one and I'm glad I did, looks nice. Now we'll see if I use the revolving top, probably will in a cart but I walk a lot so maybe not so much. I like the way the clubs are held in place because I usually take the covers off my woods and hybrids before playing, this will keep them from getting all banged up. So far, so good.

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With the LE the revolving feature makes more sense. The problem for me was the double club openings of the XL. It's just too much trouble to find the opening that has one club in it  after your shot,  so you end up with three clubs in one pocket and none in another, this is especialy a problem when you take two or three clubs out because you have to walk aways from the cart to make the shot. The clubs end up banging against one another and the grips are jammed up down in the bottom of the pocket.  Somebody who is more patient and organized than I wouldn't have this problem .  The other big flaw in this bag is the small pocket on the front of the bag, this  pocket that is too small to be of any use, the pockets on the LE are a huge improvement.      Don't get me wrong, I really like this bag but in hind sight I would've spent a little extra and bought the LE.  The 2013 LE bag is the shizzle and I am asking the wife to put one under the tree for me.

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I used the bag for the first time today and I have to say I really liked the way it works. The revolving feature made it really easy to get any club I wanted and the clubs didn't rattle around while riding in the cart. Like everyone, you pay a lot for clubs and you don;t want to see them get banged up. I have noticed things get a little tight when I put on all the head covers, but for me that is really not an issue when playing because I take them off and leave them in the car anyway. So far I'm happy with the bag

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I used my revolver le for the first time today, (Christmas Gift from the wife). I gotta say, huge improvement over the XL bag I was using before. The Bag Boy  LE is great. love the bag.

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