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How to start getting into tournament golf/college golf

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I am interested in playing college golf or tournament golf. I am 22 years old and was an all american baseball player before i suffered a shoulder injury which required surgery. In January of 2012 I picked up a golf club and was hooked. I am a redshirt freshman NCAA wise because I took a medical redshirt and a redshirt for baseball so I still have some time left.


I know this may sound crazy because everyone tells me it is crazy but I have only been playing golf for 11 months and I am a 5.5 handicap. My last 3 rounds were all under par. And when I play golf I count every stroke, penalty, and sink every putt. I think I have potential but I have never been in a pressure situation in golf but I have been in high pressure situations playing baseball.


I would like to try out for a college team and I have no clue where to start.


I hit 56% of fairways and 40% of greens in regulation and average 1.6 puts per hole. My short game is the best part of my game. I have a swing speed of 118mph and carry the ball 290-300 on average. My driver gets me into a lot of trouble so I usually only take it out on par 5's. My 7 iron is a 175-180 club and I play a 2 iron which i carry 240-250.


I work have worked with a swing coach but that cost a lot and I am not the richest person in the world. 


I live in Oregon but am moving back to California in June.


Any advise would be great.

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Why not contact some golf coaches at colleges you are interested in? Heck, if you live in Eugene currently, why not set up an appointment with Casey Martin at UO. He could tell you in 15 minutes everything you would need to know, and to do, to play competitive golf at the college level.

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I would tell you to play in as many events as you can before trying out for the team.  You will be trying out to play with golfers who have played all their lives, in all sorts of conditions.  What you have in natural ability you lack in tournament experience.  Tournament experience is the most important thing for you right now.  Visit your local golf association's web site to see their tournament schedule and get yourself into as many amateur events as possible.  Typically the entry fees are relatively affordable.  You won't be making any money in these events, but gaining the experience you need if you are serious about playing collegiate golf.


Obviously continue to practice and work on your game.  Visit a swing coach as often as you can afford to.  Play with golfers that are better than you and learn everything you can from them.  Study their pre-shot routines, their course management decisions, etc...


No 6's on the scorecard and spend 10x the amount practicing your putting than you do now.  Good luck!

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I would love to just call casey up and have a try out but i dont think it works that way. I have contacted a few jr colleges but they wont even see me because my lack of experience. I dont know how to get these coaches to take me seriously. And i dont think im good enough to just go out there and play with college golfers so i need to find a coach that will coach me and work with me so i can gain confidence
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You've answered your own question.  You say that even JC coaches won't see you because of your lack of experience.  Well then.....get some experience!  It's not that difficult.  Like bdauer said, enter and play in as many tournaments as you can.  Post some positive results. Then you will have something to show potential coaches.


You say your last three rounds were under par, and that you have a swing speed comparable to the top PGA tour pros.  If all that is true, you have the potential to do well.

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There's a book called "Journey to Excellence" by Henry Brunton that you might find interesting and helpful.   It's basically a guide for developing kids through HS and collegiate golf, and describes a lot of the things needed along the path, including what collegiate coaches are looking at in their team selection.

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