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New Ping G20 with Steel Shafts

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Well I pulled the trigger on new clubs, went with Ping G20's.

I even went to a fitting and was told that I needed green dot after one shot so instead not believing what the guy told me after seeing me hit once i got black.dot knowing I can fix what ever is wrong it anything.

I also went from X20 graphite that i was using to steel shafts on the pings, Not sure if I like them or not, being 50 and not having a real fast swing I have played graphite before I quite and the last 3 months now. But getting the bug again and told from the instructor that I have a very aggressive swing steel would most likely be best.

Played today not sure I like the steel or the pings they feel like I am hitting the ball with a tank. But i did break even today with them from last week. I have lost about 10 yards with these new clubs also.

Any advise regarding Ping G20's or switching from graphite to steel would be helpful. I do have time to take them back.


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whats wrong with an aggressive swing if the swing is sound?

...and he told you steel would be better?

me thinks he just likes to get his paycheck at the end of the week, and knows horse shiit about shafts and club fitting for that matter.

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The thing is the Ping fitter said the same thing the bad thing is my swing is not sound.

The instructor is a friend of my father in law so I am not paying him he just fits me in when he can.

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ok, it would be better to throw good money to a decent golf pro to get a decent swing happening, so you can then enjoy properly fit clubs.

too many guys walk into the local golf shops and throw down a quick $1K on clubs with hopeless swings just because its the latest and greatest on the market...ego is a nasty thinga1_smile.gif

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Thanks the guy is very known in my area, and no ego just wanted to hear what other felt about steel and graphite.

If any one went from graphite to steel, was the transition a bad move. Being older I do not even come close to being able to play like I did years ago before I quite.

Hitting the clubs at a store is not the same as hitting them in the field.

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