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Hi Everybody!!!

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Just wanted to stop in and say hello and give a little background.  I lived on a golf course when I was a kid and never had any interest in it.  I spent most of the time at the pool.  When I got to high school I played with my friends a few times a week, but never took it seriously.  Then played in college on occasion, but when it came down to beer money or golfing money, BEER won!  Then life got in the way and I didn't golf for about ten years.


I just moved to NY two years ago from Colorado.  I was always doing some sort of sport.  I  payed adult rec league basketball, flag football and softball.  They don't have any of that stuff out here in NY, maybe in the city, but not out in the sticks!  So, since I didn't really know many people and I wanted to play something, I decided to start playing golf again.  Soon I realized I had a passion for it that I never had in the past.  I was never that good at golf, but I didn't think it would take a year to get my game to where it was when I left.


This last season my game improved leaps and bounds, which makes the game that much more fun!  I broke down and took a few lessons which greatly improved my game and I plan on taking lessons a couple of times a month next season.  I find myself thinking about golf whenever I have a free moment.  I'll think about how I would play certain shots differently, think about some of the awesome shots I've hit ect.


Anyway, I'm excited to join a community that appears to have many members as passionate about golf as I've become!



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Thanks, I will check those areas out.
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