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Best Ping Prices?

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After reading all the positive comments online about Discount Dan and Pings, I went online to see what stytles they had and then sent them an email follow up.

Being a lawyer for 35 years, I suspect that Ping cut them off for selling below MSRP, since they replied to me that they don't carry Ping "at the moment". Doubt they will get back their account.

Is there anyone who sells genuine Ping irons at below MSRP? I had never heard of it before this thread, and figured the best I could be is save the state tax by purchasing through one of the online stores who don't have retail operations in my home state.


Joe Dreitler

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You could try Carl's Golfland in Michigan. You would have to contact them about pricing because they are not allowed to advertise the Ping prices online but all their other equipment is priced very well and I doubt the Ping equipment would be any different. They also ship for free to the Continental U.S. if you spend over 100.00 (may have been a special), and I noticed that many of the reviewers are from outside Michigan and were happy with the long distance purchase. 

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If you want to put your favorite retail out of the Ping game, just post away!!!

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Well, I understand that Ping no doubt will cut off retailers who they know are selling way under price. On the other hand, if there is no knowledge as to who is making decent deals, then it really doesn't matter and you might as well buy them anywhere since the prices are the same. It's not like any particular retailer provides great compelling customer service when selling Ping irons. If you know your color code (mine has been Blue dot since 1983), not like I am getting any real value from the retail side. So, may be that is the answer. If you want Ping, you have to pay the msrp.
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