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Seeking a new set of clubs

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Hi all,


I am thinking about purchasing a new set of golf clubs.  Can someone here recommend a decent set of clubs that are appropriate for a novice player, yet wont break the bank?





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What is it you are looking for? Lots of good options out there for good prices. I've been doing a lot of shopping lately and would be glad to help. Honestly though if you are new to the game and a high handicapper, some "clone" clubs from gigagolf might be the best idea. You can get a custom fit set for around $100 and will put you in a better position to learn with minimal investment. I have a set and sold my Cleveland's to keep them. I also have a set of off the shelf diablos that I haven't even unwrapped yet.
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Thank you for your response to my question.  I am gratefula1_smile.gif


But the high handicap that I posted was just a number off the top of the head.....not accurate.  Actually, my game is really not that bada2_wink.gif


At any rate, I would like to purchase a complete set of clubs, not too cheap, yet not too expensive.


I have found several sets of golf clubs at Amazon, but I feel a little confused.  Can you (or someone) help me select a nice set of clubs?


Thank you.



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If you live by a golfsmith or Rodger Dunn go there an see what you like. Ask them to see there SGI irons try them all and get a used set off eBay, you will get a much better set for penny's on the dollar that way.

All the new sets are coming out the end of the month and i would bet everyone with money will be dropping there old sets/very new sets to get them.

I stated my son with a $160 set of X20's they looked almost new and got free shipping on them. I knew his swing and being 14 he would need a better set in a couple of months and he has really grown in them. I don't suggest growing into clubs but he was on a very fast track to make the High School team, Lesions each week, range time and playing every weekend for the last 5 months to get him ready.

So how much are you planning to play, how mush do you want to invest?

There are great clubs out there and no better place to try them all then a big retailer. No better place to get them is off eBay right now.

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Thank you for your prompt reply to message,  Again, I am grateful.


But I would like to buy a new set priced at under three hundred dollars. Quality would  be a key word.


Are there any such clubs out there?  Amazon?  Mail order?





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I know a lot of people play Taylormade Buner Plus Irons that are under $300 new. SGI irons that I understand are very forgiving, I am not a big TM fan but many are. But again you can get some really great clubs almost new, save a few bucks for your putter, driver and woods, bag and lessions going used.

Rodger Dunn has a lot to pick from most are demo clubs. From there are you play more, you can start to replace as needed or find you like a differant brand or style. The whole idea is to get you out there, put time in and start to find what you like with little to no investment.

When you get to a point you find what you like start to invest and replace.

I think that you will find everyone on here will say the same thing. Unless you have unlimeted money it is not a bad way to go. Like I said I was not going to invest $900 in my son until I knew for sure what he was going to do. He is now starting to find his own way, next year I will have him put through a compete fitting for a top of the line new set but until then he uses his irons, or  my stuff. Good example I got new set of wedges a 50 and 56 vokey $250 he used them last week and worked out great now they are in his bag and I ordered another set.

My diver went to him also he hit it better then the one we got from ebay two year old Callawayfor $50 free shipping looked new. I really dont care what he takes or uses but he has a great chance to play my friends and father in law stuff. They all want him to make the team and do what ever they can for him. Once he finds what works we look for it used/almost new or new.

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Wilson Di11 is less than $300 shipped on amazon right now just to name one. Nike machspeed sq are as well. Diablo edges can be had for well under $300 and they are super game improvement with lots of help for a beginner.
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A good reference point is the Maltby Playability Factor. I do not think that it is the be-all end-all on how easy to hit a certain set of irons are, but it is a starting point. A high ranking on there generally indicates are large clubhead with a low center of gravity which are generally helpful to beginners or high handicappers. 

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Not sure about the rules governing retail or online outlet recommendations, so if I'm breaking one, it's not my intent.  With that, I have had a great deal of success purchasing clubs from Callaway's preowned site.  Phenomenal customer service, and very high quality - that's been my experience.  Good luck.

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$300 on Amazon or E-bay for a "decent" set of clubs is a tall order. Be cautious of junk and fakes that are out there.


Regardless of  your experience or handicap, I would take the $300 to any good  golf shop and ask the staff/pro what is best the fit for you at this time and price point. You do not have to spent $800-$1000 or more for a good set of clubs.


Good luck, and have fun with your search.

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