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Got some more clubs!

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Hey guys. New member and just getting back into playing. I was never too good before and decided this time i really wanted to learn the game. I decided to go used for now and bought some callaway hawk eyes regular flex with graphite shafts 3-PW with callaway 3 hybrid and a callaway Driver for 230$. All in very good condition. My swing speed is around 55 right now. They said once i get comfortable with my swing it would get quicker. What do you guys think of the purchase and is it a pretty good set for being used to start out with? Thanks guys!


the cajun

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Congrats on your purchase.  You should be just fine.  Welcome to the site!

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Ty, Appreciate it. I thought about it for awhile and a buddy of mine said for the lot it would be a good pick up for first set so i went with it. Hope the price was good for those clubs. They are a bit older but in great shape, new grips,  and Ive heard nothing but good things about the hawkeyes so well see. Gonna take them to the range tomorrow! If anyone has any input on the hawkeyes let me know. ONe thing I didnt think about that i read somewhere is you have to look out for stress fractures in the graphite clubs. How do you check that and what could tell me if it did have one. Thanks again!


the Cajun

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Stress fractures in graphite? Haven't heard about that problem.


Only thing I can think of: Graphite-shafted woods 

have longer head covers than old metal shafted woods. The longer head covers supposedly prevent the graphite shaft from being dinged when you take an iron out of your bag.


Not sure how that would play out on irons w/graphite shafts.


Anybody had problems with stress fractures in graphite shafts?

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I've never noticed stress fractures in graphite shafts, but I have had two break on me.  One in my old 4 Wood, and one many years ago with an 8 iron when I played graphite shafts in my irons.  I am pretty anal about cleaning my clubs every weekend, so I would think that I would have noticed stress fractures before they broke.  Both times they broke right at the hosel, and I am a digger, I take pretty deep divots.

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Never heard of stress fractures in graphite shafts, if my shafts haven't cracked yet, no one's will (with all the rocks and roots etc. that I have hit).

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     I have never heard of stress fractures in graphite shafts and I recently replaced my old warbird 3+ wood which been around for 17 years and hit 1000s of balls from every surface imaginable and the shaft was still in great shape except for a few cosmetic marks.


OP: That set-up will work fine. When you are starting out it is all about learning how to make solid contact and playing the game, the equipment is secondary. When I started out I had my great grandfather's old macgregor 1-4 persimmon woods and MB irons. Good luck with your game. 

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thanks for the replies guys..that helps out alot.

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