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Aggressive down swing and smooth back swing

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I used to not care how I swing back, but I know when I swing down, I kill the ball. But sometimes I hit it right or left depending if i sway or not.


In quest of more control, I ended up with an almost flawless back swing, but smoother and slower yet still be very aggressive on the downswing.


Problem with this is, ever since the change, I'm lacking power and my shots have gotten worse.


A pro today told me to just swing back aggressive and swing down even more aggressive and the results were voila... 290yds+ carry with driver, 200yds total with 7i , but on and off

I spray one to the right or duck hook to the left.


He told me that due to my nature, a smooth back swing coupled with a strong down swing will not work. He said that

a smooth swing has to be a smooth swing back and down , same goes with aggressive swingers.

Basically he said that the shaft won't know what to do if I were to swing smoothly to the back then all of a sudden yank it on the down swing.


Based on the results I AM regaining those lost yardages from last year, but the lack on control on and off also came back. But I'm hitting the ball more flush too with his advice.


So is what he said correct?

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I'm sympathetic to having a quick and aggressive natural rhythm, and just from personal experience I'd agree that it's hard to have a really large difference between back and down swing (ie, I've also found it hard to hit the ball with a very slow and smooth back swing and then a quick, aggressive down swing).


But I'd say that if you're carrying the ball 290+ with the driver and hitting your 7i 200 and you're spraying the ball and playing to an 11, you're swinging WAY too hard and out of control.  And control isn't just solid contact.  I can also swing extremely hard and make nice flush contact very consistently, but that flush contact and few extra mph of club head speed don't do me any good since when over swinging I don't have good face control, and I too will spray the ball.


Again, I'm sympathetic to not wanting to go super slow.  That feels less athletic to me, like I won't ever be able to find and maintain the athletic feel of being in the slot with the club face where I want it cause my natural flow is a bit quicker so I have to spend mental energy to sort of over control my swing.  But there's a difference between a quick flow and just plain swinging too hard.  Obviously I couldn't tell you for sure since I've never played with you, but playing to an 11 with what you yourself describe as a very aggressive swing that gives you huge distance but poor aim control sounds a lot like a huge over swing.

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Yea, looks like a fast back swing with a fast aggressive down swing works best for me.

But sometimes I leave the club head a little open, so I'm going to play with ball placement a little.

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I too have a naturally quick tempo golf swing. Often told too quick at times by well meaning friends. I feel better when I let it go more and not try to take it back slower than normal for me. I agree it is very hard to go back slower and come down faster and be consistent. I just find that I must turn fast and remain more centered for it to work best.

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