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I was at my favorite golf store last Friday and bumped into the Callaway Rep. They now have a new set of irons that are just what I would like to own: Razr HL Hybrid set. The  Hybrids 3,4,5, and 6 are full footprint hybrids. 7 to PW,AW and the SW if you want one,  are smaller hybrids.  The rep had the new 7 iron with him, graphite shaft regular flex. I took a few shots with it and wanted to take it home. Callaway has offered me a great price for a set 6-AW regular flex and the rep told me they would give me a full trade in of my Razr X HL 4 and 5 hybrids with stiff shafts if they don't feel right alongside the regular flex clubs. The price is great. I hope I can swing it. The rep will be back on the 20th and the price is good until then.

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Well good luck to you with these clubs.


I played a round with a set of Cleveland Launcher hybrid sets. It was almost impossible to not have good ball contact and good ball flight with them though I was at a loss to control the distance.   Who knows? Maybe the distance control would have come with some practice.  For me it was a curiosity.


Enjoy the new sticks.


Cause, some day you will be wanting to replace them.

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