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Help me!

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first of all I am sorry for my english. It's not my first language. I am on the market for a new set of irons. I am still a beginner and I am looking at something cheap and with a lot of forgiveness. Yesterday I went to Dick's and the guy suggested me either the Adamsgolf a5os Idea hybrid set or the Callaway Diablo Edge one. 

Which one do you think is better? do you have any other suggestion in the same price range ($300.



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I would vote for the Adams set just for the fact it comes with hybrids which are easier to hit then long irons. But I would hit both sets prior to buying.
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Hello Eni22,


I personally own a set of the Callaway Diablo Edge Irons and love them, I've only just stared playing myself so I certainly do not have the same level of experience of the other posters here however I would recommend them. I personally tried around 6 different brands of irons ranging from Dunlop's through to Taylor Made and found the Diablo's to be the most suitable for me, while the Taylor Made's looked and felt incredible I have to say I hit better shots during my testing swings with the Diablo's and that's what mattered to me.


I'm pretty sure that others will be able to make some better recommendations although I think they would need a little more information such as your handicap, usual faults etc.


If it helps the advice I was given was to buy a decent set of Irons and build your Bag piece by piece, that way you can ensure that all your clubs suit you and they are of a decent standard.


Hope you enjoy them a3_biggrin.gif



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