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Project X Iron Shafts

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I just bought a set of used flighted Project X 6.0 .355 Taper Tip shafts on eBay that I wanted to install (DiY) in my irons, which are Taylor Made MB blades.  Apparently, the shafts came out of demo clubs and are not a full set 3-PW.  They are all basically 3-5 iron length, so I figured that all I would have to do is install these in my 4-PW and trim the butt end and they would be good to go, but in reading on forums and Rifle's website, it appears that the shafts are actually different through the set, and not just in length.  The 3 iron shaft is different from the 4 iron shaft, which is different from the 5 iron shaft, and so on.


My question is, how can you tell which shaft matches which head?  The best I can tell, it is not printed on the label or anywhere else on the shaft.  At least if I know what each shaft goes with, then I can see what I have and buy the ones that I am missing in the set.  Also, is everything I wrote above true, and therefore I should not proceed with installing these shafts in my set.  I am a decent player (5 hcp), and would want the set to be right. 


Any help from those who have worked with these shafts would be much appreciated.

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If the shafts still have tip residue from where they were pulled, you can estimate how long the shaft would be once inserted. If these came from different models of irons, the bore depth of the hosel and stock length of the shaft may vary. This means telling 3i from 4i could be iffy.


I hate to give you bad news, but the Project X shafts are sold as sets to cover a given range of irons (3-9, 4-PW). Unless you want a real science fair adventure, you might want to order a new set of PX shafts, or get some pull-outs that are a full set.


So, you would order the shafts cut for a specific model of irons, plus any personal shaft length variations you wanted. 


What did eBay vendor promise in ad? Any chance you can get a refund? 


One reason Project X flighted shafts are more expensive is that PX uses three different shaft templates. See notes from my post last year:


Quote: WUTiger from 3/12/12

Got to go to the GolfWorks club fitting and assembly school a couple of weeks ago. We got some details on Project X shafts. The flighted PXs basically have three different shaft templates: a lower-kick shaft for 2-3-4, a mid-kick shaft 5-6-7, and higher kick shaft for 8 on up. Lower kick gives a little extra lift to the longer irons, and higher kick prevents short irons from ballooning.


Here's the full thread if you're interested: http://thesandtrap.com/t/56256/project-x-dg-shafts-irons


Basically, putting a trimmed 3i shaft into an 8i would mess up the flighting.

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Thanks for the reply, and it is what I suspected. 


If the shafts were not flighted, then presumably this would not be an issue, correct?  In other words, there really is not a specific 3i, 4i, etc shaft for a non-flighted set, so I could have just cut them to the appropriate length and I would be good to go.


The person I bought from said that they were non-flighted prior to purchase.  I specifically asked this question prior to buying.  Perhaps they would be amiable to a refund.


Thanks again.

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The Project X plain Rifle shafts are also sold in sets ($279), and don't cost much less than the Rifle Flighted ($295). The text with the Rifles is hard to decipher... it implies that each shaft is a little different.


You may want to check out the Project X site for yourself. (I'm having technical problems today, and can't drop in any links).


I think I'll contact Project X and ask a couple of questions about Rifle vs. R.Flighted.

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