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Question about iron dstances

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I see these adverts about hitting the ball longer. Basically everything is about hitting the ball longer and has been for years and with every new "advance" in technology, I'm stuck wondering: Why aren't people hitting 400+ yard off the tee or holing par 5's?


But that isn't my question, just a tiny rant.


My question is: What is the general average distance from irons?


I know that a lot of thought goes into choosing which iron to hit when considering the distance to the hole. I have a 4-9 set with a hybrid and I'm wondering which hits the furthest to closest.


I want to be able to choose the right club, so any help would be appreciated.

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Actual distances vary, but the lower the number, the stronger (less) loft the club will have, and the farther the ball will go. A very general rule is that there is around a 10 yard gap between each Iron.


Most people seem to hit a 9 Iron any distance between 120-145, and a 4 Iron between 180-210. 


The important part is to go spend time at a range with accurate distance markers, and find the distances that you hit your clubs. 


As your swing improves, your distance will increase, also. So keep in mind, you may have to keep checking your distances periodically if you are getting better, and having unpredictable results.


And to answer your other question, the main advantage of distance is to have shorter clubs, (7-9 Irons) to hit as your approach shots, instead of 4,5.and 6 Iron shots.

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Thanks. I was wondering about that.

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With irons specially, there is not a distance, just your distance. It is all about knowing how far you hit an iron, not how far a club should be hit.


An answer for myself though and I find my distances generaly a little longer than most in local comps but shorter than most when playing Tournaments against A graders.


In metres (Aussie)


4 iron       180

5 iron       170

6 iron       160

7 iron       150

8 iron       140

9 iron       130

pw           120

gw           110

sw           100


Like all things in golf, know your distances and limitations and manage the course accordingly.

Trying to rip the ball off the tee and then scramble to the green might work sometimes, but wont win you much money.

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Completely understand.


I plan on hitting the range very soon. I haven't hit all of my clubs at the range yet. I usually take my driver, an iron, putter and wedge. Mainly because I don't drive and I don't want to take my clubs on public transportation.

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