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New Member - Lexington, KY

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First off, thank you all for welcoming me.  I haven't any idea of how I found the site but I'm sure it was a part of my relentless google golf searches to help with my swing.  I have played golf for about 6 years now.  I have completely flip flopped my swing since I began which I suppose is pretty common.  As a college baseball player normally would, I began golf with a vicious slice, followed by ONE summer of superb golf, followed by a rabid hooking, blocking machine.  I shoot 88-93 most days and feel like I am stuck in my mediocre stage of golf.  I came to the website primarily for helpful tips and instruction with the possibility of expanding my golfing network as well. I am a UK fan of all sports and the Cincinnati Reds.  Sports are my passion and golf keeps me competitive.  Again, thanks for having me and I will quit rambling like Rand Paul now....

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Welcome to the site. You can video your swing and upload it to the site. You will get good advice/tips on how to play better.
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Thanks! It is up now.

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Welcome to the site.  And on a side note, I have to say that you have some damn fine golf courses in your area; I'm from (just north) of Cincinnati and we've taken many a "guys golf trips" to your area and have played some wonderful courses in and around Lexington.

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Thanks.  Yes we do have some nice courses, IMO.  I am a public course kinda guy and we have alot of municipals as well as very lenient nice clubs around that are very nicely set up.  Old Silo, The Bull, Kearney Hills to name a few.  The private tracks are tough to get on if you arent a member though.  Are you familiar with Heritage Club up there?  Nicest course I have ever stepped foot on, lucked into playing it for my previous job.

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I'm only about 10-15 minutes from Heritage Club, although I've never played it.  Unfortunately I don't know any members to that one!  They have another very nice (private) course next door to it called Four Bridges which is another outstanding course.


I've played all the courses you mentioned and love them all.  One of my favorite courses down there is Cherry Blossom.  Also enjoyed Houston Oaks the few times I played it.  I also really liked playing the UK courses (both of them) but the "tougher" one kicked my ass.  Can't remember if it was the Wildcat or Big Blue but it was the long, mean one.  Beautiful but the course won that day.  Griffin Gate is also nice.

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You really have played all the good courses around here!  Big Blue at Uclub is the tough one, definitely a challenge for any golfer regardless of level.  I actually played Old Silo this past Saturday, they have let it go just a tad, they are taking out alot of the bunkers because they are just too hard to maintain.  One of the best layouts of any course around here though.  


Good to hear from some folks that have been down this way!

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Hey I'm new to this site and also from Lexington,Ky.
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what's your home course?

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I pretty much play all over , your self ?
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myself as well, alot of the above mentioned courses.  are you a cats fan?  sure didn't like what i saw from uofl on our floor last night ... =/

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To be honest I'm not a college fan at all. Pro football that's it.
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Let me know when you want to play a round when this snow leaves and we can chat about the number 1 recruiting class of all time.
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Sounds good.  I will!

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You ready to play?
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Yessir.  I have a scramble at Lakeside Saturday.  Lookin like some rain the next few days, when are you available?

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I'll be playing at Lakeside after work today to get a feel for the course.  Haven't played there in awhile.  If you wanna come out and walk 9, I'll be there ... just message me a heads up.  Beautiful weather.

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