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Slipping off shots. Cleat change time!

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Yesterday I hit a tee shot super array and literally had my back foot slip about 6 inches on the down swing. It was a little wet but not that wet. I never flip my footjoys over and look at my cleats so I immediately did after the shot and sure enough, they were almost gone. Well I had some extras I bought when I got the cleats so I changed them and WOW! There's no telling how long I've been slipping on shots because I'm hitting the driver pretty well now that I have that little bit of traction! Wondering if anyone else has had that slipping action hurt their game or if its all in my head and I'm just more confident with new spikes on?

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Totally understand and agree.  I actually just changed all my cleats out this weekend.  The snow is melting...we are near...lol.

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For the best grip I like the "Black Widow Tour", set to tour firm (this spike has 2 settings, tour firm or tour comfort) or the "Cyclone Ice" (both from Softspikes) or if you can wear metal spikes on your course take a look at the Champ made spike called "Pro Stinger" only thing scarier looking than that is the bottom of Tommy Armour III's golf shoes. 

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no grip = spraying shots all over the course.

I switched to Nike TW shoes, they are super expensive, but I won't use anything else. these things are like suction cups on the golf course. Greatest shoes i have owned. i still have multiple shoes that i wear to match my outfits, but I prefer the nike TW shoes over anything.

I own adidas 360, puma cell fusion, foot joy xps, etc...

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I purchased these on Saturday and I am in love with them.




I was a die-hard Nike consumer in terms of street and golf shoes, but FJ has won me over. I use the WeatherSof gloves and never found anything more comfortable and long-lasting, so I figured I'd give their shoes a try and I am definitely glad I did. I generate a lot of "torque" and always had a problem with the shoe not holding me in place or allowing me to rotate. I feel like my shoes are built into the ground with these and they're also extremely comfortable. Hell, you would think I was a FJ rep.... lol.

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