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Hurricane golf?

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I am looking at getting a new Taylormade rescue 11, and I saw that Hurricane golf has the lowest price at around $100. Anybody have any experience with hurricane golf? Would you recommend them?

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Originally Posted by Vinchenzio45 View Post

I am looking at getting a new Taylormade rescue 11, and I saw that Hurricane golf has the lowest price at around $100. Anybody have any experience with hurricane golf? Would you recommend them?

If it sounds too good to be true... it may be best to avoid. Or do your research.
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You'll notice they mention their parent company on their website, but not by name.


Their website (www.hurricanegolf.com) is owned by Diamond Tour Golf out of Illinois who specializes in Cloned Clubs (but none of them have trademarked names on them on their website (www.diamondtour.com).


Is it plausible that Hurricane just does what they claim, buying closeouts directly from manufacturers and selling them with little overhead since they already have a warehouse for their other business (clones)?  I think so (just my opinion, of course).  They're just a smaller version of Rock Bottom Golf, from what I can tell.


In all of my searching, there's not a single legitimate complaint I could find about them online.  And you can BET that if they got caught trying to pass off a fake as the real thing, they'd get hammered online.  One over-aggressive website had the guts to post them on a list of companies that was "suspected" of selling fake clubs, but the only reason they did so was because someone posted a comment that their prices were too good to be true (so they assumed they were counterfeits).  Pretty ballsy move, if you ask me.  Let's not condemn someone if we don't know for sure.  Know what I mean?


According to a few posts on other golf forums there are guys who bought stuff and went as far as checking the serial numbers and the clubs they bought were totally legit (and no, these weren't forum members who only had 1 or 2 posts, either).  In addition, the Hurricane owner (Jason Hiland) apparently is a pretty respected member over at www.FreeGolfInfo.com, another golf forum.


But if you have any questions for him, his email (from that golf forum) is jason@diamondtour.com.  I wouldn't think you'd find many counterfeiters out there who are this open with their personal information.


Here's his Facebook page.  He doesn't look like a crook.  lol


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Seems to me this came up before on Sand Trap.

Jason even went as far as registering to answer the question himself.



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Actually, the more I read, the more I think I'm going to be shopping there next time I need clubs.


Here's a piece written by Jessica Baldwin, a Communications professor at Northern Illinois University.  Not sure what it was written for (it's on the school website) but I don't doubt it's legit and not just something the company managed to get online.



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I recently bought a new Callaway Diablo Edge Tour 2 hybrid from them. It arrived quickly and it is just what I bought, a good Callaway club at a good closeout price. 

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I've bought from them before but the club never came. They ended up cancelling my order because they ran out.

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Just wanted to post that I conducted my first transaction with Hurricane Golf recently and it was superb from start to finish. There was a mistake on their part in fulfilling the order and they dealt with it promptly. The resolution was so heavily weighted in my favor that I actually felt guilty about it and expressed that, and all the guy had to say was, "Merry Christmas!"


The next time I'm looking to buy something on line, it'll be the first place I check.

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I've gotten stuff from them before and never had a problem. No clubs though. Dick's had some hybrids on clearance a few weeks ago. I bought a Cleveland 4H for $51. They also had some Nickent adjustable hybrids for $59.
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i have bought from them. Always a very good experience. Fast shipping and great prices. 

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I live about a half hour from Hurricanes warehouse/store in Decalb Illinois. First class operation with great customer service and great prices. I've purchased Cobra irons, various drivers by Cleveland Taylormade and Adams and other accessories from them. Never have I had a problem and they always seem to beat their competitions prices. I have no affiliation other than being a satisfied customer.



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