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Intech Beta Ti balls?

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So the other week I bought a 16 pack (just for some putting usage) of Intech Beta Ti Distance balls, just wondering what anyoe thinks about these when it comes to the short game?

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You're a 5 hncp... I think only you can answer that question. You don't need hackers like me telling you what we think.
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buying balls like that and asking makes me question your true handicap.  To bad you could go ahead and put zero to make yourself feel better. your not a true 5 handicap.


anyways, on chips they don't check up. on a full swing of a short iron i can back these up. I used these as garbage practice balls when I haven't played in a long time. I don't want to lose my tour balls right away.

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Quite possibly the longest ball in golf. They go forever and they're cheap. Suck around the green
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The are like hitting rocks.

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Worst ball i have encountered recently.

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Just like others said, are you really a 5 handicap and asking this question?


With that said, I used to play Intech Beta Ti balls when I had a slower swing speed back in High School.  They are good balls for high handicappers, which you apparently are not.  For lower handicap players this ball does not spin enough.

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