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Accuracy issues

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I have been struggling with accuracy big time. Usually a push or a hook. I have been taking divots infront of ball, I set up two tour sticks barely the size of the club head and hit it perfectly between the two. The balls are hit center of clubface 80% of time.
However I am not having the accuracy I want. So I feel at times it is my tempo or I get disconnected in the swing.

I was hoping someone would be able to give me some input and help me get back to be able to control my ball.

Any good drills you think I should do?
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The obvious is to look at your grip. Is it palmy? Weak?

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The grip I would think is correct. I have the right hand v pointed to my left eye. I have a strong right hand. Thumb is on left side of the grip.
The left hand v is pointing to the left ear.
Maybe my grip pressure is off. Do you have a video that shows me the proper grip?

I don't think my swing plane is bad, it goes back on the line. I was once told I swing to far from the inside, I swing to far left.

Thank you for input. I will try to regrip the club and start back at basics.
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