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Two Way Misses

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For the past month, I've been experiencing this nightmare of alternatively snap hooking a drive and then hitting a major push on the next drive. I assume it's the anxiety of hitting another snap hook that causes me to over correct and hit the block but I can't seem to figure it out. I tend to take the club inside on my backswing quite a bit. Any suggestions on a fix greatly appreciated.

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If there is a fix i would like to know, i kinda have the same problem.

But i know where it's coming from in my case.

When i snap hook it my hands are to fast in the swing leaving body turn behind.

I release my wrist more to compensate that. 

When i block / push the ball out to the right i don't release my wrist enough at impact,

with my inside out swing plane this means a a ball flight that goes right and stays right.

So basicly for me it comes down to timing and rithem. 

what i try to do after shots like this is slowing my backswing down slightly when on top off backswing

i focus on turning my lower body at first.

i've got a vid in the member's swing section maybe it's little like your swing. and did you get some help

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Thanks Tom. I struggle keeping my width on the back swing allowing the left arm to collapse and am currently working on keeping the right arm straighter longer to prevent the left arm from collapsing but it does add some unwanted tension to the backswing. Is this something that you've had an issue with?

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Welcome to the club :D


For me it is a arms/hips synchronisation or sequencing issue. (look here downswing sequencing)


My observation for the pull hook is that I rotate the forearms excessively, hence close the club face too fast swinging in-to-out. It happens when I want to hit it far or forceful. Fix: I sort of watch the back of my trailing hand after impact to arms parallel to the ground - the back has to face more down/sideways than up. (for the club face it would be sideways or up). Thought would be hands up after impact, not around the body.


I hit pushes when my hips lead and the arms get left behind. Really fast hips often leads to a shank. My fix is to concentrate on my arms and not the hips when starting the downswing. My thought is "back of the trailing hand in front of my belt buckle - hips to the flag".


Too fast hips with fast arms and trying not to rotate the forearms can produce nice slices...


Well, the above is my thing to fix. To get the right advice, you would have to video yourself and have the guys here or an instructor look at it.

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does not seem to work all the time.

got vids in the member swing section, hardly any comments on them

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Yes, thats golf. The above is my observation (high-speed cam) and how things work for me.


Over the past six months I had a very close look at my mishits on video. I learned a lot and begin to be able to translate the needed fix into a feel that works for me. Hopefully more often than in the past.


I usually kill my holes/rounds with mishits often from the tee. A round might begin good with pars and bogeys, but my end at hole six with a big push (block to the right). Then I would try to counter a bad move and begin to hit pulls. Counter them and get slices, pulls and pushes. Luckily it happens only with long sticks - 6i and below swings seem robust compared to the driver.


My problem is being too incosistent. Having parred all holes on my golf course, I know I can play decent golf. At least for a couple of holes - around 20 over stroke-play counting is my typical result, Stapleford might be a couple of strokes better.

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