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Does a stiff graphite play diffrent from a stiff steel shaft last shaft fitting i did said to play s300. My irons have reg graphite in them
Just bought a new 7 iron in stiff graphite
Plays nice. Gamed it yester day and alternated 7 irons shots and flight was better not so balloning more distance and this was a muscleback current clubs are players cb
I feel i may be loosing some feel with the graphite
Any suggestions input etc is welcomed
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The muscle back as opposed to the cavity back will also have an impact on the lower trajectory. Graphite is obviously lighter than steel, you may want to check where the kickpoint is for your new graphite shaft. I play S300 in my Titleist 690.MB forged blades.
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when my swing speed was not as fast as it is now, i used still graphite on my woods and steel regular on my irons. i didn't feel any help with the stiff steel.

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