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Oakley Carry Bag

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I just got my new Oakley carry bag and love it so far, EXCEPT for the unorthodox divider setup... just wondering if anyone uses this bag or has in the past? What you think of it and how you organized your clubs? I can't seem to find a setup I like since it's so different than most traditional dividers.

This is what I'm using now:


And this is the divider setup:


Posted Image

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I use to have this bag, but found no need for it.


my old setup is:


driver & putter top center


strong 4, and hybrid center left


3, 4 iron center


5,6 iron center right


7,8 bottom left


9, pw bottom center


sw, lw bottom right


np, your welcome

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Yes, a reply! lol.

Thanks, will try that setup and see how I like it.

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