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My swing (XxGorillaxX)

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Hey everyone, 


Went to get my typical 1-2 months lesson, I worked with this pro at my local golf range and he seems to be helping an ok, changed my grip from strong to neutral and thus I do fade a little bit more which he mentions.. It's the best of video I have for now.. Check it out and let me know what you think. 




I think I go around my body too much for a 3 wood and I should come a little higher when I bring it back? 


I think I bring my hands down first in the downswing which isn't good either..


None the less.. I average 220yards with the X Hot 3 Wood... mind you, that thing is ridiculously good for whomever decides to get it. I will get the driver when my funds allow ;p



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In the swing on the right you are swinging around your body to much. But of other than that it looks good. How is you ball flight?

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first of all, thanks for replying.


second, I agree with you .. it is too much around the body right?.. I dont realize it .. but after this I see it, sometimes Its high and pretty... sometimes it's almost 'thin' and its low.. 


any advice or ..

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I'll be honest.....slow motion does nothing for me.  If I could see a full speed swing, it would be easier for me to comment.

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Two major problems I see are the very flat shoulder rotation on the backswing and the right heel being too far off the ground. 

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