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How to hit wedges low into a green?

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I played my 1st round of the year this weekend and it was a little windy I had around 100 yds into more then a few greens and I was looking for a tip on how to keep my wedges or approach shots lower keeping them out of the wind coming into the greens? I have a gap wedge I hit around 100 yds that works good but it goes high so I'd like be able to hit shots around that distance lower even if I have to hit a different club. Thanks

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A shot from 100 yards out...would have to play a punch with some spin, as though you were hitting from under a tree. I would probably play a 6 or 7 half swing knock down shot to keep it low enough 

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If you want to hit a lower shot play something like a punch, play the ball back of stance and take a shorter swing and don't follow through, stop your hands as you hit the ball...... I would take a 7,8, or 9 like phenom said. Depending on the greens and how much spin you can get off this shot land it before the green or on it.. This is definitely something you should practice and get a gauge of how well you can hit this shot!
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I don't want it to be a punch shot I'm trying to learn how to hit a lower wedge with spin from 50-125 yards I've seen it done before I just don't know the setup.
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I know what you mean..
Basically take a normal stance a little narrower depending on club and place it back in your stance... The further back you place it lower shot goes... I put some of my weight forward when I hit these shots and I get a low shot and a lot of spin, but what works for me might not work for you! Let me know if this helps I'm not a GREAT golfer but we are pretty even in skill! Let me know how it works out.
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If you hit your Gap Wedge 100 in normal conditions then you will need more club to hit one in the wind. Try a 9 iron, have the shoulders a little more level than angled, grip down 1-2", move a little closer to the ball, put it back in your stance 1-2", shorten the back swing, swing at a normal speed, and abbreviate the follow through. The adjustments will launch the ball lower and with less spin. The normal speed will actually be less than normal and will help you control the flight. That is how to hit a wind shot. 


Too hit a lower wedge in general, you need to make sure to have your hands ahead of the ball at impact to de-loft the club. Other things that can help is to make sure the ball is not too forward and the shoulders are not too angled which both can promote a higher ball flight. 

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