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Which Clubs for begginer?

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I enjoy golfing with my co-workers the last few summers I have been borrowing clubs. I would like to start piecing together a set for myself. I was thinking of buying good used clubs. What clubs should I start with I do not need a complete set yet. Also what specific clubs would you look at for a novice. I do not know much about golf except that I enjoy getting out and doing it and would enjoy it even more if I was competitive. a3_biggrin.gif

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I decided to start playing again 4 years ago and all my equipment was really outdated.  I bought a used set of used Ping I5 irons from Golfsmith and a used set of 1998 Big Bertha irons from Callaway Preowned.  Very happy with both as far as value for the price goes.  Pings have a dot color that corresponds to the lie angle . .and they have an on-line fitting tool, as well.  I'm a bit tall and it was easy to get used clubs that are 1 degree upright.  But my Big Berthas are std lie and I hit them fine, too. 


As far as exactly *which* clubs to get . .that's hard to say.  I would go with some really forgiving irons - I love my Big Berthas and use them most of the time over the Pings.  Each company breaks thier clubs into lines - some targeted at higher handicappers and some towards low handicappers . .you'll be fine with any of the ones targeted to the higher handicappers.


As far as driver, 3 wood and putter goes I'm not much help.  You're buying used so you won't have the same selection as somebody buying new.  I'd go with any major companies low to middle line driver.   I bought a Taylormade Burner because it was pretty cheap and I liked the way it looked - then I bought fairway woods to match my driver.  I kept my old putter in the bag so I would say to get any putter that you like the look, feel and price of. 


Clearly there are other ways to approach buying clubs ...but you're talking about picking up some used clubs to get started with and the above worked for me. 


Sometimes driving ranges and golf courses will have demo clubs for sale.  I recently picked up a Callaway Diablo driver for $50 and it has now replaced my Burner - so that can be a good place to look for used clubs with the added bonus of getting to hit them before you buy.


Good luck - you'll do fine with whatever you get.  You can always upgrade once you start to develop preferences.

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Going used is a great place to start.  Ebay, the marketplace on this website, and craigslist are all great places to check.  Also most big golf stores have a used club department, and most will let you demo the clubs prior to making the purchase.


one thing I would suggest is that if you have some idea of how to swing a club, go to a store that lets you demo clubs.  Hit lots of clubs (including new ones) and come back and tell us what you liked the best.  once you do that, the great folks here at TST can probably give you comparative models in the used department.


I used to play a club that was VERY similar to the Bertha 2008's that Amazing wacker just pointed out, and those irons can be purchased on ebay for around $200 for the set, and while they are ugly by most people's point of view, I found them very easy to hit and enjoyed playing them. 


Ping's G series (G10, G15, and G20) are also great beginners players.  Also like Amazing Wacker said, they have an online fitting tool that you can use to get a static fitting (not ideal) but it will give you an idea of the color code that you need, and you can try to find a set that matches your price point and color code. 


But right now, I think if you are just getting started, I would recommend just getting clubs that you are comfortable with and save all the money for lessons, green's fees, and range time. 

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If you live in the US in a somewhat sizable city craigslist is a great place for bargains. A few months ago I bought a set of 3-PW Tommy Armour Forged Silver Scot CB's for $40. Pretty much mint, all I did was change the grips to my preference. Recently the same set has been selling on ebay upwards of $200. I buy stuff on ebay too but there's always plenty of local sellers.

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What is the reasoning behind not wanting a complete set of clubs at this time? If you have a budget in mind and are only willing to spend X amount, I would still recommend a full set of clubs. Keep in mind that there are many, many reputable sites around that sell certified used equipment at lower costs. There are also many different sites that sell older models (between 1-3 years ago) at close-out costs and even new equipment for less than "big box" retailers.


No matter your budget, I would personally still recommend a full set of clubs so that you can begin to gauge where each individual club is going to be used in your game.

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I have been looking on craigslist as well as ebay but I really have no idea what a good deal is even when I see it.

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Are these a good deal for example?

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No, in my opinion that is not a good deal at all. One thing that I would personally recommend is that you shy away from Craigslist completely. eBay is also risky unless you are buying your clubs from a reputable retailer. 

I would say you could go to http://www.rockbottomgolf.com/ and find yourself a decent set of clubs to learn with. It looks like they currently have iron sets available from $129.00 through $229.00 as well. If you are just now starting to pick up golf and learn this game, spend as little as possible in my opinion - but make sure you make a solid purchase (ie: Purchase something that is going to give you a chance to enjoy the game, not cheap clone clubs or outdated technology that will make the game harder than it currently needs to be).

Iron sets that you can look up that may fit within your budget and are worth the money:

Nike Golf 2012 Machspeed-X Irons
Callaway Golf Warbird Irons
TaylorMade Burner 2.0 HP Irons
Adams Golf Tight Lies 1212
Adams Golf Redline Hybrid/Irons Combo

Remember that you can purchase any putter at any cost. The Putter is going to rely solely on your putting ability and it doesn't matter if you spend $20 or $400. Use what you find works for you.

The Driver is also going to be up to you and your budget/discretion - though this is where spending $125.00+ for 2 years ago to today's technology is going to pay off.

Lastly, try a local Golfsmith or Golf Galaxy for your clubs as well. These stores feature trade-in programs and you can pick up used clubs for sometimes 50% off of their suggested MSRP. Keep us posted.

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Ok as far as putters go that's the only one I have down. I have a putter my late cousin bought at a garage sale. Is it the best? Absolutely not, but it has a lot of value and good memories for me.

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Back in the day when I first took up the game, a 'Starter Set' was Driver, 3-wood, 3, 5, 7, 9 irons & putter. The rationale was, a beginner does not have the ability yet to hit one iron perceptably farther than the next, so thus the every-other iron approach. 


But things have changed dramatically since then, and I don't know if such a set is even still sold; perhaps at a Walmart or something.


Given that, and given the proliferation of used fulls sets that would be the way to go. And I've noticed full sets ditch the 3 and sometimes even the 4 iron for hybrids or a 7-wood. This, I think, is the way to go for a beginner. Forget even trying to hit a 3 iron...it will only frustrate you. Be sure to get a 5 wood/hybrid & even a 7 wood/hybrid, then have your iron set start at 5 iron up thru Pitching Wedge & Sand Wedge.

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Thanks for all the advice

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